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    I tried to place an order from your website, unfortunately it says:

    The requested quantity for "Brushless Motor 2217Q, 880Kv" is not available. I think it needs more information and options for the end user. Disappointed!

  • I think mike already answer my question :) 

  • @chris : sorry for my english... I mean, is it complete kit or "fly tested" version (RTF) like Jdrones offer  ? 

  • Hi

    Are there specs on this somewhere?  I have looked but perhaps I missed something obvious.

    Looking for sizes mainly, length of each arm, length across.



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    My impression is that this is a kit, delivered in parts, not pre-assembled, so also not tested.


    From the description, I would expect the APM/IMU will need to have pins soldered, the PDB will also need to be soldered, the frame needs to be assembled, the motors and ESC bullet connectors/cables need to be soldered, magnetometer needs to be soldered, ArduCopter code needs to be loaded for the first time, components assembled and you might need more parts ... more zip ties or other fittings for attaching electronics to the frame, and some foam or other isolation for the APM, and foam to cover the baro. The props need to be balanced, and the needs to be balanced to its center of gravity. 


    The jDrones kit that costs about the same is also not assembled. You can buy a jDrones fully assembled and tested, for about $250 more than the kit. At the moment, I do not know if anyone is selling an assembled/tested 3DR quad.


    But I do not have this kit, so that is based entirely on the description on the Webpage.

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    oejang: I don't understand the question. Can you rephrase?

  • Great, finally :)
    chris.. is it tested or just assembled version  ?

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    All details from my own frame/imagination, correct me if I am wrong.

    Arms are 20mm square tubes of black powder coated aluminum, ~1mm thick

    Plates and landing gear are ~1.5mm thick carbon fiber, no fancy weave, just strong and light

    The fittings are either nylon spacers, nylon screws, metal screws, or metal nuts. There are some nylon washers but I did not use them. The landing gear, for example, are two plates CF, separated by nylon spacers, and fitted with metal screws (to one another, w/spacer) and to the frame with metal screws and metal nuts.


    You can remove one screw each of two of the arms, and fold up the frame if you have mounted the ESCs on the arms, and left enough space for the wires, but I suspect if you mount the ESCs in the middle between the arms, you may not be able to do this. 


    I've been thinking of adding some type of rubber feet to the bottom of the landing gear, but haven't done so yet.


    It is a very solid/stiff frame. You could probably beat someone with it, and maybe the most that would happen to it is to break the nylon standoffs that support the central stack.

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    What material is this new frame made out of?  I'm assuming the arms are aluminium? what about the landing gear, and main plates?

  • Any plans for a hexa version?

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