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We've got some awesome new products coming out on Friday, along with great discounts as part of our annual DIY Drones store Black Friday Sale. It will start at midnight EST on Thurs (9:00 PM PST) and go through the weekend.


Get ready for a new version of the APM 2.5 kit, with a sleek enclosure, a new improved MTK GPS with a larger antenna, firmware and battery backup. Plus a cool new accessory: a power supply + current/voltage power sensor, all in a tiny board. And all these are now included in the new APM 2.5+, at a new, lower price! (The APM 2.5 itself is unchanged; it just now comes in a cooler, cheaper package).


Also, look for new PX4 kits, including everything you need for this exciting new autopilot. 


Here's a glimpse of just some of the products that will be on sale:


Product List Price Sale Price
XtreamBee XBee adapter board $24.95 $9.99
XtreamBee USB XBee adapter $24.95 $14.99
3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 $75.99 $49.99
Ardupilot Mega MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 $65.99 $44.99
Dronecell $120.00 $79.99
HMC5883L - Triple Axis Magnetometer $34.90 $23.99
3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame Kit $99.99 $49.99
3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame + Motors Kit $249.99 $199.99
3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame + Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit $449.99 $399.99
3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame Kit $129.99 $79.99
3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame + Motors Kit $349.99 $299.99
3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Frame + Motors + Full Flight Electronics Kit $549.99 $499.99
ArduIMU+ V3 $78.90 $49.99
3DR Radio Telemetry Kit - 433 Mhz $85.99 $65.99
3DR Radio Telemetry Kit - 915 Mhz $74.99 $54.99
MediaTek MT3329 GPS V2. $37.95 $27.99


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  • How do existing APM 2.5 owners get the case? 

  • 3D Robotics

    Magnus: Yes the new GPS is already supported. Thanks for you order!

  • Magic! Three hundred bucks: *Poof!*. Gone!

    Hopefully I will get a package soon. :)

    Just to make sure: The new GPS-module V2.0, will work with the APM2.5 right?

    I just ordered my APM2.5 without GPS and added a MTK 2.0 on the side. 


    Magnus, Sweden

  • 100KM

    lol @Josh

    Placed a big order this morning! Food is overrated!

  • how do we go about getting the credit for the apm 2.5 case?

  • @ Hein du Plessis- 0500 GMT

  • Are the 3DR Arducopter kits going to come with the new board (2.5+)?

  • Gonna treat myself to one of those 3DR Radio doodads.

  • Todd: yes four RC channels of the PX4FMU can be used but only low currents are supplied. For more than 4 channels and more power, the PX4IO is needed.

    The firmware is ready to be tested with quads (and with the IO hexas), for planes only hardware in the loop is running.

    For details see the px4 wiki.

  • Chris, from my understanding on the PX4 forum the PX4 FMU can be used to control up to four RC channels by itself.  Is this correct? If so, I will pick one up on my next order and start tinkering.  

This reply was deleted.