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  • whoa!! now this is next level ... this looks freaking awesome compared to other boxy/space needing gimbals.. hot damn!

  • Well, pretty slick design. I have not used any gimbals yet, so can't comment on how well each works. I'll wait to read more about this.

  • Great job guys,

    Definitely the right size - tiny.

    Cant Wait to see it in the store.

    Really Excellent design.

  • so where is the rest of the story? camera setup, processes, etc. You tell the people it can do these things, but I don't hear how? I think it's just another Chris A. empty box! Same story, different day.

  • Looks like stabilized since I see the sensor on the top of the cam bracket. I am sure you can also steer it if you want to.

  • Is the gimbal stabilized, or merely steerable?

  • Nice...when can I order !


  • Definitely want one.

  • How much is this?

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