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  • 3DR Solo - Launch Film

    Apr 13, 2015

  • I don't think it is open source, but I don't mind, making it do what you want will be what the app and the app store are for. I imagine if you want to do mapping you download the mapping app for it. Smart drone alright. They have built a seriously stable aircraft by the looks of the design. Very ballsy move with the warranty - they are obviously very confident in this machine. I like it. I like that the controller also logs the machines goings on as well as the aircraft. I like the gopro package. I like the accessory bay idea. I like the motor design with esc on board. I love the controller with HD output. I like the way it writes its own report to 3dr if something unusual happens or it suspects a failure. I like the flight time. I like the shooting options - just download the kind of shot you want from the app store... I am really impressed. The gopro is a better quality camera than the P3. The Phantom 3 was an upgrade of the same, but this, this is a game changer. Totally different. And upgradeable and expandable. Future proofing. You dont get that with a DJI or Parrot. Now I am excited to see what accessories come out for it. I've read there is a travel backpack to carry it around in. Powerful onboard computer for a flight management system. Very impressed. The more reviews I read the more I want one. Really excited to see some reviews start coming out on youtube to get a look at it in action. The website is pretty slow for me so I guess there is a lot of interest. And I completely understand. Awesome work 3DR. Can't wait to see it in a mall near me!

  • Rob, do you know the payload capacity?

  • ok...lets see if I have this right.

    The DJI Phantom3 has a dedicated Light Bridge link, already included in the price.
    With cam and gimbal also included.

    The 3DR Solo, depends on the GOPRO WIFI connection for the actualy HD link. (not included)

    And they expect the Gopro to go 800feet? Specially in populated area with lots of WIFI interference...hmmmmmm

    No, you don't have it right.  The Solo has an HDMI cable to plug into the GoPro, then uses it's own hi-speed low-latency wifi-ish connection to transmit the footage to the controller.  The controller then transmits wirelessly to your phone/tablet.  The whole thing is super fast. I have a pre-production unit here, and it is very fast.  I had guestimated 1-200ms latency, and it seems 3DR are saying 180ms, so there you go.

    The control link is also over the same wifi link, and it is also very fast.  I can't feel any lag in manual mode.

    Also, I will say the copter is more powerful than an Iris for sure.  It's no 250 racer, but it's pretty decent, I've flown it in Stabilize mode in a way that I've never seen a Phantom fly.  

  • I purchased an IRIS the week before the SOLO was announced.
    If I had know about this I would have held my purchase to better decide on specs and pricing.

    Will 3DR be providing a return exchange for customers like me?

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    Originally Posted by Jason Short
    Props are 10 x 4.5
    The Pixhawk 2 is a refined version of pixhawk1, the dual processor flight controller we have today. But it has internal damping and 3 IMU's which are used to for redundancy and improved accuracy of the EKF.
    SoloLink is a companion computer that talks to the Pixhawk via high speed serial using Mavlink. DroneKit is at the heart of SoloLink and allows the higher level control to do Smart Shots.These are all written in Python running on Linux.
    SoloLink also contains the low latency wifi solution which carries all of the two-way communications. That means all the data flow from fingertips to the lens are built to work together.
    You can use Mission Planner and Solo App at the same time. I run Tower and Solo App concurrently as well.
    yes, the wifi is encrypted.
    You should be able to modify Solo. I don't know when the code goes public since. It's not my call. There are many changes in master to merge which will take a while. This is for things like the smart battery, new EKF work, LED's etc.
  • Admin

    Pixhawk 2? Thats a good surprise! I wonder what are the specs for it...  It's 1Ghz, maybe an A9 Cortex? 

    Antonius Lourenço Kasbergen

  • sourced from a thread on RC Groups 

    Ok, Jason Short is on the Solo FB page answering a lot of questions. He's an actual 3DR employee.

    Production units have 2DBi omni directional diversity antennas. We opted for that to give users the ability to upgrade to whatever you want. The internal ones had less range and everyone wants better range and more open standards. So if you want to add a booster and a giant path, have a good time!
    The Controller is a Wifi Hub. You can stream video to one device that is running the 3DR Solo app. You can connect multiple ground stations at once which is an odd but very useful thing. We do all of our debugging that way. It also allows for new and interesting control options for 3rd parties.
    The latency is very good and we use a low latency MP4 Streamer on Solo. It's totally flyable FPV and automatically scales bitrates to prioritize motion over resolution.
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