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  • Good point on the acceleration ! I'd like to see a description of the follow me mode, ie I would expect that the roll and pitch PIDs are being soften and indeed acceleration could be lowered a bit. I don't like the idea of delegating all stabilization to a camera gimbal.

  • Having said that - heading control looks good, going by the video; just seems to be x/y position refresh rate looks a bit slow.

    Or...watching it looks like the x/y speed is controlled by the normal waypoint speed. Which is slower than Andrew's walking speed, obviously. Or below a speed that WP speed can manage.

    So it tries to accelerate to the preset x m/s and quickly reaches the follow me "near" x/y position tolerances because it caught Andrew up, so it stops. The "far" x/y position tolerance is quickly hit (as Andrew continues to walk away), so it tries to accelerate to the normal WP speed again. And repeat.

    Somebody stop me now, if I'm talking rubbish. It's just a theory.

  • Ignoring the weight issue, I think Superwalloon has a valid point - it is a bit "stop/start" in the video. Maybe a telemetry polling rate issue? It looks like an update command is only being sent/received every 5 seconds or so. It looks like a programmatic issue, rather than a physical one, so should (hopefully) be an easy fix/tweak.

  • Frustrating is that the IRIS+ has not solved that problem. When you check the throttle mid it is quite high. Indeed it might be more underpowered than overweight. I just built a Sky Hero Little Spyder with an APM 2.6. The beast is heavy, but my throttle mid is right at 500 and it feels crispy and reactive - good motors and props.

  • Superwalloon: Iris is not overweight, its underpowered. The frame is reasonable but the motors are weak, thats its most obvious weakness.

  • Translations in Follow Me are looking pretty rough to me... It's like "oh so you've moved, let me catch up...zzzz... oh so you've moved, let me catch up...zzz....". Now I understand that you only walk away a few feet and translations might be smoother if you were riding on a bike for a longer distance. Maybe it's because the weather was windy. Maybe it's because of the IRIS+ being a bit of an overweighted machines and a good PID tuning is difficult to achieve.

    So all in all Follow Me looks very promising but needs obviously some smoothing.

  • Would have been neat if the entire flight from start to finish was controlled by watch.  It's technically much easier than Google Glass (does anyone remember that heap of trash?), but expensive. 

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