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Request for Input: AUV End-Users

I am a new member to this community, thank you for having me!


I need your help. Help from people that work closely with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) - operators, mission designers, maintenance etc. 

Your input will be the backbone of my research. I am a grad student pursuing an MBA. My research is intended to discover what AUV end-users most value in their AUV capability set. We'll call these "value drivers".

I've classified these "value drivers" as:
- Battery Endurance
- Optimal AUV Speed
- AUV Price-tags
- Data Transfer Capabilities
- AUV Range
and some others. 


But first, I must find people that are involved with the technology and knowledgeable on the industry. If this is you, please consider responding to this post! 

If you will have a conversation with me, via email, phone or video-call, please say so on this post, message me privately with contact info (or we can do it through PMs) or email me at ""

Again, thank you so much! Thanks in advance everyone. It can be difficult to source primary users in any research. You will be helping me out quite a bit. 
I'll be happy to share the fruits of this labor with everyone. 

- Scott  

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This project aims to autonomously return a glider from a high altitude balloon (100,000 feet). I just wrapped up “proof of concept” autonomous glides dropped from a hexacopter. We’re ready for 18,000 foot class E flight testing, pending how our talks with the faa begins and ends.

Heres the video! Let me know what you guys think.

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So, I started this project 2 years ago. Not cutting my hair until i finish it.

The High Altitude Balloon Return project aims to return a flying wing autonomously from a 100,000 feet. There's a lot of challenges associated with this. I tried to make my own flight controller in the beginning (Project log 1-6 to see this progress), now I'm using dronekit and Arduplane because someone with an IQ that isnt in the single digits told me I was being stubborn.

Or, if you just want to see the flight test footage:

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