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Request for Input: AUV End-Users

I am a new member to this community, thank you for having me!


I need your help. Help from people that work closely with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) - operators, mission designers, maintenance etc. 

Your input will be the backbone of my research. I am a grad student pursuing an MBA. My research is intended to discover what AUV end-users most value in their AUV capability set. We'll call these "value drivers".

I've classified these "value drivers" as:
- Battery Endurance
- Optimal AUV Speed
- AUV Price-tags
- Data Transfer Capabilities
- AUV Range
and some others. 


But first, I must find people that are involved with the technology and knowledgeable on the industry. If this is you, please consider responding to this post! 

If you will have a conversation with me, via email, phone or video-call, please say so on this post, message me privately with contact info (or we can do it through PMs) or email me at "U1444149@umail.utah.edu"

Again, thank you so much! Thanks in advance everyone. It can be difficult to source primary users in any research. You will be helping me out quite a bit. 
I'll be happy to share the fruits of this labor with everyone. 

- Scott  

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