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3DR Launches IRIS+

3689615365?profile=originalWe’re thrilled to announce the official release of IRIS+, which will ship next week. The news debuted yesterday on Gizmodo; you can read their great writeup here (or here for a DIYD blog that also covered it).
Improvements include:
  • 16-22 minute flight times, thanks to improved motors, props and batteries
  • Spin-on props
  • Built-in telemetry display in the RC transmitter
  • Lighter legs, body
  • New autonomous features, such as one-button 3D structure scanning, FollowMe (with Pebble smartwatch support), one-button "dronies" and more
  • LEDs on arms
  • Easier assembly

The official 3DR IRIS+ page is here.

We’ll be offering upgrade kits for existing IRIS users starting October 1. More information coming soon on those!

Most importantly, a huge thanks goes out to the collaborative efforts of all the brilliant people in this community who have supported our projects in so many different ways. We’re looking forward to when we're shipping next week!

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  • Hello, will it be possible to put same functionality/electronics to different frame? I really like Iris+ spec and features, but frame is not portable and not nearly convenient for active sport and "bring anywhere".

  • I received my brand new Iris (original) in the mail the same day the new Iris+ came up on 3DR's website.  I have had it 1 week now, and I am a little frustrated.  I spent a week researching which quad to purchase and never saw any mention of a new Iris coming out.  :(

  • @Apostolos

    Theres always a next version coming out. If they told people next week, next month that a new version of one product is out they effectively couldnt/wouldnt be able to sell the old stuff. I do agree they should offer a cheap, no profit upgrade option for just people who just purchased the old version.

  • Hi Christian,

    its actually better and worse.. its a 920KV motor amd a 9.5" prop.. rerunning xcoptercalc with the new numbers to find out we are in in the running...

          more later after IRIS+ in next week


  • Very cool and awesome upgrade but... But where do you suppose one would use such a thing with follow me and onboard camera?? You will either get beaten up by a crazy woman on the beach, harassed by park rangers, get your $1,000 quadcopter confiscated by the police, or get it shot down if you're in Colorado... And of course knocked out of the sky by angry rams.
  • Nice work! + Collin Guinn return =)

  • @hotelzululima and @randy: While IRIS with the 850kV motors makes a lot of sense on 4S with 9" props, I would not recommend IRIS+ with the 980kV motors on 4S. Yes, you are getting slightly better lift, but you are risking to overheat the motors and especially ESC. I would rather go from the 850kV motors to 800kV or 780kV motors, so that 10" props can be mounted again without overheating the motors and ESC. That change coupled with a 4S-5200mAh lipo (for which you need to use hotelzululima's battery bay hack) should give you flight times around 20 minutes. All this would be for the heavy flight setup with Gimbal. 

  • Hi Marco,

    My friend Oliver is using the Alexmos 32 bit board and while it might have the potential to be a great board, as far as non-electronic engineers are concerned, setup to do anything at all is a nightmare.

    Many of the "PID"s do not seem to interact in anything like a normal or expected fashion.

    The only way a non-technical person can reasonably tune it is just change some value and see if things get better or worse (and they normally get worse).

    Looking on line about this board seems to indicate a similar experience from the majority of users.

    I have no doubt that hardware wise it is the best board, the firmware and especially the GUI seem much less satisfactory however.

    Best regards,


  • @randy.. IRIS+ should be even MORE of a rocket on 4S due to the lighter weight than IRIS and the 920KV motors

    although 200.00 is kind of a steep upgrade price for those of us who decided to not go the PV2 route and go to IRIS v1 instead(yes I KNOW open source etc) and the price is insulting to earlier customers (not developers) who are left with a craft basically that takes 70%+ power to hover with gimbal and cam/fpv on 3s as originally sold.


  • Hi, I bought my IRIS (full with TAROT gimbal and case plus 2 extra batteries)  15-20 days ago from the official dealer in GREECE to do some survey test.  Now I reading that 3D Robotics releases the new IRIS+ with extended flight time. I feel that they deceived me since I have to pay now an extra 200 Euros to upgrade!!!!!

    I feel very bad for this. They should tell me to wait the new release……or to upgrade my full kit with no extra cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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