3DR lifts off with powerful redesigned copters

3689572837?profile=originalWe are pleased to introduce our updated Quad, Y6, X8. Each of our new copters is built to support a Tarot brushless gimbal and GoPro HERO camera, providing an ideal platform for stable, jello-free imagery. These robust and flexible copters can take off and land anywhere.

Our new copters have been redesigned from the ground up to offer increased lifting power, enhanced flight time and greater responsiveness. Each of our aircrafts features Pixhawk, our most advanced autopilot system yet., as well as precise GPS navigation, built-in advanced processor and sensor technology from ST Microelectronics® and a NuttX real-time operating system. The result is incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for autonomous flight.

All of our ready-to-fly copters arrive fully configured. Just unfold the arms and legs, attach the propellers, charge your battery, and you're ready to fly.

Open and flexible, our copters provide the ideal platform for simple enjoyment or innovative applications. Happy flying!

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  • Not a bot (to the best of my knowledge).

  • will the props be in the view of the gopro when mounted with the gimbal?

  • T3

    Yeah I've always used 4S with 3DR copters, so if the extended lifting capacity and flight time they're boasting is due to bundling 4S batteries with their copters now, I will be disappointed.

  • Ive only used 4S. I based my discussion on using 4S from reading this... http://diydrones.com/group/arducopter-y6-owners-group/forum/topics/... 

  • Perfect, that's exactly what I was getting at.  Have you noticed improvements with the 4S on yours?

  • @UAVStuff 

    According the specs...it looks like the same 20 amp ESCs. I have a Y6 (2013) [Stock] and Im running 4S without any issues.

  • Was there any change in the ESCs to accommodate the 4S batteries?  

  • Yeah, we miss the hexa's.  They were easy to add larger motors and propellers to increase the flight time.

  • T3

    Haha, nope.  I meant their old-school hexa, before they moved to coaxial.

  • Stephen, that's pretty good!  I got 25 minutes out of a 3DR quad back in the day with 10,000mAH.  I would have thought the Y6 would be less efficient.  Guess not.

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