3DR Pixhawk with a Black Mamba wrapped around it...


Mamba UAV-p 370 RTF


Vibration Isolation, wire routing


Integrated PDB with twin variable voltage taps for FPV or Auxiliary power


Pixhawk Flight Controller


GPS Tray, Isolated 5.8 GHz 600mW FPV Tx


Sony 600 TVL FPV Flight Camera, X8R, PixHawk, GPS, 915Mhz Telemetry, VAS Bluebeam

Now if we can get the local weather to cooperate we should have allot more flight videos of this new model. Since I have had several requests now to make it weather resistant I may have to name that for a local semi aquatic snake because as you could imagine with all of the exposed conductive points I doubt it will fair all that well in this current salt gas environment. Shortly however I see the skies clearing and at the same time we will have models ready to be documented in their native environment. 

Hopefully the new nose mounted gimbal parts, as well as several other items will also cross the water-jet this week. The ability to turn the arms to change flight characteristics especially to be used to counter act the flight camera position on forward flight was a interesting surprise, several now have asked can we automate it, I quickly remembered where I saw that first(http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/iquad-tilt-rotor-quadcopter-v2-flight-testing), maybe I can get IIyaR to help me make a conversion kit ;

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  • Great, do you like this equipment which is only 40g(as follows picture-1) , Let you fly farther  . i hope i can help you. according to your model airplane,  If you add the Binocular Display, your view will be more perfect and wider,as follows picture-2, 

    i hope this information  is useful for you.  i am a FPV enthusiast, meanwhile, i am a salesman for FPV equipment, so i am familiar  with them in this line.  latest producs they are selling well in western countries.  i hope you dont mind my words.

     wish all is well with you


  • AUW is roughly 755 grams, 2700mah 4s 35c produces a 10min, mixed flying with a 20-30% battery reserve at touchdown
  • complicated. so nice.  what's the total weight all in ? my find a products, camera built-in  transmitter, mark sure to reduce weight.

  • mP1- Yes just the flight camera is shown. we are working on a ultralight nose gimbal to carry a mobius or gopro however it was not ready in time for photographs, 

  • Hans, I agree with you, and it is definitely a week point however the alternative to hard wire and direct solder all connections pose other issues in production. To your point we are working also on a smaller 270 which all of the test crafts we have produced are hard soldered. Currently we are evolving the vibration isolating mounts, changing from what is shown to a delrin version that allows for break away upon a crash; In the hopes of mitigating the loss of any of the structural Carbon Fiber parts as well as any of the more expensive electronics. Allowing the structure to collapse on impact. The bullet connectors will be the break point however we will be updating this also in the next several weeks to a better design to break away. All of these parts will come free to our early adopters, and developers who we are teaming with, Hans if you are interested please contact me as I have a feeling you may have more suggestions, and we are welcoming more developers to contribute to this and other designs we have in development.  

  • I like it. You may want to consider removing the bullet connectors to the motors. A fair few people have come to regret including them.

  • Only 1 camera, on a 370, ive got 2 on my 250 :)

  • Sweet!

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