3DR SOLO approved by DGAC "french FAA"!

A quick recap of what is allowed in france :


We have been working for a few months to demonstrate to the DGAC that the SOLO was safe enough to be used for commercial operations. We had previously gotten the first type certificates for APM UAVs and Pixhawk UAVs like IRIS and IRIS+.


Can't wait to see the new SOLO update with all new features!


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  • Hi rob,

    In urban area it s only under 4kg, we are waiting (2016) for a new version from the french government that could allow us to fly up to 8kg, and EU commission is working (2018) on sth that could be similar for all europe.

    From S1 to S4 you need a theoretic official exam in order to be able to read, understand aviation maps.

    In adddition from S1 to S3 you need to show how you learned to operate a drone to the dgac or do a course in a drone training center (escadrone is a "apmcopter" training center)

    In addition for S4, you need to get a pilote license....(still quite hard and expensive...)

    Yes for S4, if you can't see the drone,  you need to be able to see what is in front of it.

  • Hi Nicolas, I'm interested in the French regulations.  It appears the S4 class requires FPV?  ie: you must be looking through an on-board camera?  Is that correct? It seems to be opposite of most regulations in other countries?  It's a very interesting concept.  

    I have to say, I really like these regulations. They make so much sense.  Very small UAV's unlimited distance in remote areas with FPV.  Small UAV's close in, VLOS in urban areas. Large UAV's allowed at long range but very low altitude using FPV in remote areas, and then large allowed at higher altitude but close range and VLOS in remote areas.

    Is there no allowance for large UAV's close in, VLOS, in urban areas with some extra restrictions?  I'm thinking, large video octocopters in controlled environments?

    What does a commercial operator have to do to get permission to operate under S1-4 rules?

  • Hi RC tech,

    I don't know about the rest of EU but 3dr is distributing in France, Solo comes with a french manual !


  • Distributor

    Hi. Is 3DR distributing it to EU now? From what i have heard it is not certified for sale yet (From an CE perspective)

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