3DR Y6 MultiCopter Maiden Flight and Review

Quick first flight video.


Complete Kit

Open source Hardware/Software

Large community and support


Manual could be updated with assembly diagrams and better clarification.  Some pics and instructions conflict with company website.

Everything has it's place except power distribution board, which leads to next issue.

Very hard to manage all cables and ESC's.

Still a lot of DIY tweaking needed to make fly right.

Would love to see other builders photos of how you managed cabling and/or ARF kit photos.

Pictured below is my Y6 before first flight.


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  • @ AKRCGUY: I bought the lights from valuehobby.com. They are powered via the PDB.

    @Siddharth Sham: I am using the APM 2.6. No problems with the board or the system.

  • @Joseph, could you tell me which control board you used and if you encountered any problems with it?

    Your y6 sure looks flashy!

  • I also got a second flight in yesterday and tested RTL.  Everytihing seemed to work OK.  So far so good.

  • Very nice Joseph.  Where did you source your lights and how are you powering them?

  • I installed my lighting system.


  • I was able to get it all in. (Still amazed at that too) however mine does not look as clean as the ready to fly version. I just completed my install of strip LEDs and I should have done it when I was building it.still it only took me about an hour to get them on. They are going to look great in the air. I went with a FAA configuration. I will post pics when I get on my laptop tomorrow.
  • Thanks Alex for the insight on how 3DR does it.  I'll see if I can rearrange mine into the same configuartion.

  • Thank you for your feedback Adam! I will update the instructions to incorporate your comments. On page 3, the motor wires can be fed through the ends of the arms or the holes in the sides of the arms. We recommend using the ends of the arms because it places less stress on the wires. I will look into modifying the assembly procedure to make the PDB access smoother. For now, the best way to access the PDB once the plates are assembled is to remove the three thumbnuts securing the APM plate to the top plate. Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback. I look forward to your future reviews!

    On our RTF Y6, we organize the ESCs by grouping them together and by attaching them to the outsides of the plates.


    Four of the ESCs are placed in bundles of two and secured between the top and bottom plates.


    The other two ESCs are secured to the sides of the plates using the notches in the front sides of the top and bottom plates.

  • @Alex-  Here are my finding in regards to the printed glossy manual that came with my Y6 kit.

    Page 1 & 2 Great

    Page 3 Says to run motor wires through end of the arms but makes no mention of the hole in the side of each arm.  Should also explain that the inner arm bolts need to be inserted from the bottom as they will support the APM and accessory mounts.

    Page 4 Need a better solution for putting all 6 ESC's, wiring and PDB in center hole.  Real Pain!  How are you guys doing it in your ARF Y6?

    Page 5 (Install APM) You might mention that it was designed for side pin APMs and/or have provision for top pin APM's.

    Page 6 OK, Again the PDB board is mentioned but how do you get to it now?

    Page 7 Great

    Hope this helps someone and feel free to contact me for any other field type questions.

    Also, I'd love to do a review on the IRIS, I have reached out to Chris A but never heard back.

  • Hi Adam,

    Great job on your build! I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on the manual, which areas would benefit from additional diagrams/clarifications/modifications, or any discrepancies you noticed. Happy flying!



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