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If you are upgrading your fleet to Linux-based autopilots or would like to install RTK navigation or do precision mapping - we have deals right for you!


Reach is capable of up to 14Hz centimeter-level accurate navigation, has plenty of of space for logging RINEX and supports NTRIP corrections natively.


With Navio2 you can run ArduPilot and your own applications alongside it directly on Raspberry Pi which makes it a perfect platform for drone hackers and for educational purposes.


Everything is in stock and ready for worldwide shipping by air mail or DHL express.


To get the discount go to our shop and use coupon code “reach4th” during checkout to save 71USD on Reach RTK kit or “navio4th” to save 30USD on Navio2 autopilot.


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  • Selling an extra Emlid Reach RTK Kit if anyone is interested.  Only used for bench testing and setup...never flown! http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2750520

  • Thanks Mikhail. I will check out your wiki and the Emlid forums.

  • @Marc Dornan we have a special build of RTKLIB that supports this feature. Also, most of the commercial software can do this e.g. GrafNav. 

  • That is what I thought. What software do you recommend to output the post processed coordinates or is this in your wiki?

  • @Marc Dornan

    Reach is able to record timestamps with the precision of tens of nanoseconds in GPS time. After the flight you can get a RINEX file with measurements and timestamps embedded in it, then use a post-processing software that will process the track and calculate the coordinates of the timestamps by taking in the account periodical coordinates and movement dynamics of the track (depends on the software). We've got good results personally and our users were successful too!

    Also, Reach is able to go up to 14Hz in GPS-only mode. GPS may be enough to get good results depending on the area and time.

  • This is a question for Mikhail from Emlid. I am currently evaluating a Drotek L1 solution which will soon (within days) be in a mapping platform (carrying an expensive IR payload as well as Nex camera). I am open to getting a Reach RTK as well. Both of these devices are pretty similar in some respects. Both seem to have 5Hz refresh rates. The issue I am struggling with is if a machine is moving at 10 ms and and your RTK is at 5Hz than you have a possible 2M error in your geotagging, unless I am mistaken. I have not attempted this kind of mapping before and there are likely gaps in my knowledge of RTK and RINEX files that I am going to have to fill.

    It seems that you would need to fuse the speed and corrected GPS coordinates with the timestamp of when the fast shutter sync signal is fired, to get better estimates of true GPS positions and you cannot just use the RINEX data. How does Reach deal with this issue? I am sure others would be interested.

    I have spoken to people using L1/L2 at 50Hz units on drones in the same manner as i propose -- this is much, much more expensive, obviously.

  • If someone with better Pi skills than me can build an app to get round the double NAT'ing on 3G some providers do, I'm all over this solution. Really nice on paper, and the potential to hook up to 3G is too good an opportunity to miss.

  • @Randy unfortunately this is due to the Ardupilot having separate programs for separate vehicles, we are currently doing on a workaround for this. 

    @Chris Anderson agree with you on the safety switch :) 

  • 3D Robotics

    Absence of the safety switch is a feature, not a bug! (I always hated that thing).  But you're right that a beeper would have been nice.

    Apt-get is great if you're happy to log into Linux. But it would be nice if the GCSs could handle that for you. In a perfect world, regular users wouldn't have to know that there was Linux under the hood. 

  • Now, it is easy to upgrade ArduCopter software apt-get after completion of install OS and AC software.

    I think it becomes pretty easy if they supply complete installation disk image for NAVIO.

    Anyway, one of the things they missed is that safety switch and beep.

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