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Emlid makes Linux based Raspberry Pi autopilot Navio2 and first truly affordable RTK GPS Reach / Reach RS.



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Emlid posted a blog post
  Our new video provides a simple overview of real-time kinematic (RTK), post-processed kinematic (PPK) and NTRIP. It also demonstrates how Reach RS+ can be used in the field for various applications. Resources Check Emlid docs to learn more about…
Jan 10, 2019
Emlid posted a blog post
Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) technique is widely used for mapping with drones. In this scenario Reach RS/RS+ base on the ground and Reach M+ rover on a drone independently log raw data which is post-processed after the flight. For mapping, it’s…
Aug 24, 2018
Emlid posted a blog post
Summer is in full swing and it’s the best time to get into drone hobby! We’ve prepared a great offer for all drone enthusiasts — from today and until the end of the week get advanced drone controller Edge and Raspberry Pi Autopilot board Navio2 with…
Jul 4, 2018
Emlid posted a blog post
We’ve released the new v1.4 image for Edge and QGroundControl with v3.2.4-edge-2.3 tag!The new v1.4 image includes a couple of new features that ease your day-to-day work with Edge. The most prominent of those changes are:Camera hotplug supportWi-Fi…
Apr 4, 2018
Emlid posted a blog post
Hey everyone,We are pleased to announce Emlid Edge drone controllers are in stock! The time has come to get your drone and your action camera prepared for flight!Emlid Edge is the first autopilot platform to feature an integrated HDMI input and…
Dec 25, 2017
Emlid posted a blog post
Hey there!We’ve recently released the first video of Emlid Reach RS RTK GNSS Receiver Getting Started series!The video covers the process of first-time updating: powering Reach RS on, connecting to a Wi-Fi and installing the latest version of…
Dec 12, 2017
Emlid posted a blog post
Hello DIYDrones Community,We wanted to share with you the long-awaited Raspbian Stretch for Navio2!Here’s the overview of new features:The default ArduPilot binaries are now: ArduCopter-3.5.2, ArduPlane-3.8 and APMRover-3.2Emlidtool v1.0.01:No need…
Oct 6, 2017
Emlid posted a blog post
Hey everyone,More than three years ago Emlid was born with the idea of building a versatile and powerful drone controller. We've pursued the concept of a controller that will become a primary platform for customizable drone projects when your goals…
Sep 12, 2017
Emlid posted a blog post
Hovering Navio2-powered hexa to keep you readingWe’ve recently released a new version of Emlid Raspbian for Raspberry Pi and Navio. It got a modernized interface making the way you interact with Navio even easier.This update also adds notable…
May 19, 2017
Emlid posted a blog post
Hey everyone,In our latest blog post we’ve introduced the new version of ReachView app for both - tiny Reach RTK and freshly launched Reach RS field-ready receiver.What makes this release so special is a handy point collection feature. Besides…
Apr 27, 2017
Emlid posted a blog post
Event38 now offers Emlid Reach upgrade to its vast fleet of UAVs aimed on providing ready-to-go PPK mapping solution. Reach PPK enabled system is able to deliver centimeter-level accurate 3D models without use of ground control points. Emlid and…
Feb 22, 2017
Emlid posted a blog post
Hey everyone!Emlid team is proud to present Reach RS - ruggedized, battery-powered RTK GNSS receiver. It enables centimeter accurate positioning for survey, mapping, agriculture and drones once again changing our perception of the equipment cost.For…
Jan 26, 2017
Emlid posted a photo
Our Christmas gift from the community came early!
Dec 23, 2016
Emlid posted a blog post
It's always such a pleasure to find new projects with Navio2 and Reach RTK GNSS  in project category on our community forum.  This time we've decided to share the details and cool demonstration of one of them.Recently @Mr337 shared his terrific…
Dec 9, 2016
Emlid posted a blog post
Don’t miss out our best deal for Black Friday! Offer is valid all over the weekend and Cyber Monday. To get the discount go to our shop and use coupon code “black” during checkout to save 85USD on Reach RTK kit or “friday” to save 34USD on Navio2…
Nov 24, 2016
Emlid posted a blog post
3D map georeferenced with Reach GPS data.Tuffwing, a manufacturer of affordable aerial mapping systems recently performed integration of Reach RTK to enable making precision maps without use of ground control points. The system was benchmarked by…
Oct 31, 2016