Hello DIYDrones Community,

We wanted to share with you the long-awaited Raspbian Stretch for Navio2!

Here’s the overview of new features:

  1. The default ArduPilot binaries are now: ArduCopter-3.5.2ArduPlane-3.8 and APMRover-3.2
  2. Emlidtool v1.0.01:
  • No need for update-alternatives routine now. Everything can be setup using a nice TUI5
  • RCIO firmware upgrader1
  • Emlidtool has tab completion from now on! So just type emlidtool and then press tab to see all options

  1. New RCIO features:
    There was a major rework on both MCU and Linux part (rcio-dkms v0.8.2) . Here’s the overview:
  • There’s now barely any limitations on using channels 4-8. You can hook up a servo on 5th servo to your copter and everything’s going to be working as expected
  • All drivers consolidated into two (rcio_spi and rcio_core)
  • Fixed a very rare bug which could start motors unexpectedly in case of a very frequent ArduPilot restart
  • Maximum PWM frequency is now 1000Hz!
  • A lot of debug info will be printed out to dmesg in case something goes awry

Run sudo emlidtool rcio check to check if you need to install new firmware which has all the support needed

  1. New ArduPilot features
  • Multicopter firmware consolidated into single binary, users must set FRAME_CLASS parameter (1:Quad, 2:Hexa, 3:Octa, 4:OctaQuad, 5:Y6, 7:Tri)

  • Sensor and Optional Hardware Improvements:

    • IRLock can be connected to any I2C bus
    • Here+ RTK GPS (UBlox M8P RTK) support
    • Garmin LidarLiteV3 support
    • TeraRanger Tower sensor
    • IMU sampling rate for MPU9250, ICM20608 IMUs to 8kHz for improved vibration resistance
    • LightWare I2C drivers usable on Copter
    • MaxBotix sonar with serial interface now supported
    • Pozyx support for Non-GPS flight
    • Maxell Smart Battery support
    • Invensense ICM-20602 IMU and ST L3GD20H gyro drivers added
  • Object Avoidance improvements (http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/code-overview-object-avoidance.html1)

  • Improved dual GPS support including blending (set GPS_TYPE2=1, GPS_AUTO_SWITCH=2)

  • AutoTune with position hold (enter AutoTune from Loiter or PosHold modes to enable light position hold)

  • Auxiliary switch to arm/disarm vehicle (set CH7_OPT to 41)

  • Motor output can be duplicated to multiple channels

  • Performance Improvements

  1. ROS Kinetic is a new default

We hope you like the new features and wait for your feedback on Emlid community forum!

Check out our website and docs to learn more about Navio2!

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  • Probably one of the best 'ready to go' FCU/ROS platform available. 

    Nice job 

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