Community project: Autonomous Mower with Navio2 running ROS


It's always such a pleasure to find new projects with Navio2 and Reach RTK GNSS  in project category on our community forum.  This time we've decided to share the details and cool demonstration of one of them.

Recently @Mr337 shared his terrific MowPilot - autonomous lawn mower with Navio2 on board running ROS. 

Navio2 is responsible for interface with GPS, RC In/Out, I2C, and it will be used for some simple sensor interfacing. All while the Rpi3 is running ROS in making decisions.

The fastest speed for now is 1.5ms/ (3.3 mph) while still keeping cutting accuracy.

The error is normally within 4 inches but can peak to 8 inches with really rough terrain.

Hardware used:
Navio2 + RPI3
Arduino Nano
Motor Controller

Interfaces provided by Navio2 SDK


Here is a spiral cut to test turns and tighter turns




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  • Having driven a zero turn for hours on end, the accuracy presented is fairly darn good for the tracks provided.

    The lack of suspension on these beast is in part why they don't track well.  If you deflate the front tires to a certain degree and add some ballast on the front I think you can improve the tracking.

    Now if you could automate a string trimmer to run a fence line and around trees, then my weekends would be perfect.

  • Nice! Well done.

    Now you just need a nicer flatter lawn to cut...feel free to come around and do mine! ;-)

    Is the cement bag on there to override the driver in seat detection, or to weigh the mower down?

    In the straight rectangular track in the last picture, are the oscillations due to the GPS variance whilst the mower is tracking straight, or the mower not tracking straight, and the GPS accurately displaying the mower path? From the video the mower seemed to be doing well apart from not liking the corners much.

    I received my Reach kit last week, and haven't yet been able to get "fix" status, "float" is as far as I got it until now. At times the base satellite gray signal strength bars are sporadic, and disappears completely if that rover satellite bar turns green. 

    I also had issues trying to connect one of the units to my wifi AP at home, but I'm not sure if this is related, as I've only had them both successfully connect via my phone hotspot AP, and produce a float status on that. I have updated both to the latest firmware. I might need to take a look at the instructions again to see if I'm doing something wrong.


  • COOL!!!, I have in my wishlist to automate the little john deere tractor mower;

    what hardware did  you use to move the drive and motor speed?

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