A new look on survey and mapping with Reach RS


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In our latest blog post we’ve introduced the new version of ReachView app for both - tiny Reach RTK and freshly launched Reach RS field-ready receiver.

What makes this release so special is a handy point collection feature. Besides providing the main configuration funtion, ReachView v2.3 appears as a self-sufficient survey tool running on your RTK unit!




Screenshots of Survey Tool

Reach and Reach RS have been waiting for this feature. After few hours from the official announcement:


New Survey feature in ReachView provides:

  • Project-based point collection

  • Collection screen with a real-time progress indicator, RTK and averaging statuses

  • Collect the points either manually or with project-wide autosave rules

  • Project view with a map and summary point list

  • Export your data to DXF, GeoJSON, Esri shapefiles

All this is making ReachView a great assistant in the field. A set of Reach RS and a smartphone or tablet is all you need to conduct survey or collect Ground Control Points (i.e. before mapping with Drone Deploy)!

As you see it is a big release for us and we will push the functionality even further.

Emlid Community is actively sharing feedback about the first tests with Survey Tool and here is the demo of workflow prepared by Emlid pro-user @TB_RTK.

We’re also getting great reports about how Reach RS is doing from all over the world. We’ve picked some of them and want to share first @Luke_Wijnberg extensive field-tests in South Africa - find it in our blog.


Reach RS in South Africa


Reach RS has built-in LoRa radio as one of many connectivity options providing a reliable correction link up to 8 km. We thought so. Actually with the LoRa modulation it is possible to hit up to 19km in line of sight and the story cutting all doubts of it came from Canada. You’ll find detailed tests of Reach RS built-in radio in this article.


Reach RS in Canada


Reach RS is rugged and durable, we told this on the product page and in press release, but to make sure:

RC buggy crash test


The unit photo after 24 hours in -26C

The full compilation of different cool things (including AutoCad360 + Reach demo) is available here.

New Reach RS docs (btw we've got new docs!) featuring some tutorials you might be interested: 

  • Using QGIS as Survey tool with Reach RS (link)

  • Mock the location with Reach on your Android device (link)

  • Quickstart tutorial of setting up two Reach RS devices as a base and a rover with correction link over Lo-Ra radio is now ready (link)

RS is already used in the variety of projects including survey, mapping, precision agriculture, bathymetry!


Survey in Ghana by LandMapp

FmeZqDVD1yT72Cw3NycCmKZsOLQOGcGkNIPtuDNEc3Ifu40al234RrYYsaujm7SCuiXqOjktl0awiWMPAInV2yHC9ZyhX2iG9wJoqHd768JEWRzpfJBxAcfnAQPiUtiZa1jiPIbL?width=453Reach RS for tractor gps guidance in the US (check it out)


Bathymetry by GeoLink 3D in Hungary


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