6 flight modes on MZ24

Here is my solution to access 6 flight modes on Graupner MZ24 transmitter.


As described in ColinBouriquet's blog, also two swithes has to be activated on MZ24 to manage 6 modes.

The idea is to make the tx send the following to the receiver to activate the 6 modes:

Mode 1:  PWM: 0-1230

Mode 2:  PWM: 1231 - 1360

Mode 3:  PWM: 1361 - 1490

Mode 4:  PWM: 1491 - 1620

Mode 5:  PWM: 1621 - 1749

Mode 6:  PWM: 1750 -

  1. Activare Base
    1. Activate Channel set
    2. Push # 5. Aux 1 (the channel which controls the modes) 
      3689644594?profile=originalYou will then see the Select - No - Clr picture
    3. Activate the chose switch. I have used  Sw 5
      3689644819?profile=originalOn the left top of the tx.
      Initially, the tx will send these PWMs to the receiver:
      Switch far back: 1165
      Switch miiddle: 15043689644834?profile=original
      Switch forward: 1817
  2. Activate Base again
    1. Activate Channel set
      1. Activate SW7 to channel 9
  3. Activate Function
    1. Activate Prog mix
      1. Mix Channel 9 to Channel 5
      2. Hit the >> button.
      3. Adjust the mixing image like this
  4. The movement of the switches will then give this result

You the can access all 6 modes.. Now go to Mission planner an allocate the your chosen modes to the 6 modes you created.

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  • another solution 

    a different configuration that works:

    I set AUX 1 to SW3

    AUX 5 to SW6

    E.P.A. -/+ travel  to CH5 32%

    Subtrim ch5 +%34



    A +125%  B +125%

    Offset Y  -98%3702264011?profile=original

  • this is strange because if I don't touch the threshold I got 1105ms instead of 1165, 1505 and 1906 insted of 1817.

    then I copy exact your configuration, but the results are compleatelly out of range

    I finally managed a different configuration that works:

    I set AUX 1 to SW5

    AUX 5 to SW6

    then E.P.A. threshold to CH5 +/- 32%



    A -125%  B-125%

    Offset Y +4%

    this is only way I can get 6 modo correctly switching....

  • I haven't done anything to thresholds.

    What happens when you follow the above instructions?

    Have a look at the servo screen in your tx and see what happens when you flip the switches.

  • Hi

    is there any specific thresold for the travel that I have to set?? following your same steps I got different value and finally not abble to switch between all modes...

    any suggestion??

  • You just saved me a lot of tx battery charging. This is very appreciated. Thanks!
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