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  • Drone is very popular mass produced flying platform used for wide application in usual life. This is a very large rapidly developing market 8)

  • Nice! So is it time to re-embrace and steal back the term "drone"?

  • John Moore ?

    I  have&fly Phantom. And?

  • Any idiot can fly one and most have Phantoms.

  • @thomas Butler  ... Any "idiot" can now fly them!  ...
    Any NOT idiot. =)

  • Yes, actually something of value from 60 minutes that didn't just push the PANIC button.

    The only thing that's certain, is that the government (FAA) will screw this up.  Completely.

  • Either this was shot prior to Colin's departure or he is out on his own getting air time.

  • Colin  has already been forgiven? Nice, hehe...

This reply was deleted.