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  • How much is this beautiful piece of art?

  • Hi guys,

    I'm the first beta-tester of the Six2Fold copter and working with Peter since few months on the project. I can share one of the first videos we made 2 months ago but since then Peter has improved many things on the copter as well as on the gimbal.

  • Hello

    KAMKOP is now online





  • Very nice job. I think those are the most thoughtfully designed arms I've seen on a pro multi offering.

  • Hello Jesse,

    2,5kg + Accu + cam



  • Pretty Impressive, how much does it all weigh?

  • video? :P

  • Congratulations on a - seemingly - fine build, and thanks for sharing. I'll definitely keep an eye on your web pages, for more details.

  • Thank you!
    more information coming in the next two weeks on my website!
    The copter is so ready to fly
    for an transport box we are working on
    there will be a tube with a diameter of 300mm and a length of 500mm
    Accus we use 8000-5s 10000mA


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