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  • The previous models that safeflightcopter has in their web was more beautiful...

  • Do you have other colors.

  • Developer

    Yes, looking good.  I've ordered two.

  • Looking like a very nice platform for quite a number of utility purposes like power-line inspections and wind turbine blade inspection where you want to get in close but if you accidentally touch it doesn't damage what you are looking at or cause you to fall out of the sky.

    Actually traversing a mind shaft would be interesting.

    oh and wicked fun FPV.

  • I love this, finally a real safe copter ;-)

    It looks fantastic right up until half way down the page... how to connect fuselage, with elastic bands and tie wraps :-(

    All for 175 bucks !

    I pressed the buy now button, interested to see how this works out.


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