I’m delighted to introduce Erle-Brain v1.1 as the most complete Linux autopilot:

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Erle-Brain is being adopted by schools, universities and research centers around the world.

The journey of Erle-Brain started back on late 2013 with the BeaglePilot project giving birth of the first APM Linux-based drones and finishing up with the publication: “Towards an Open Source Linux autopilot for drones“.
Much has happened since and the BeagleBone Black was just featured at the Embedded Linux Conference as a great platform for building Linux drones.


Our love for Linux drones however goes far beyond making them fly and accomplish autonomous missions. As roboticsts we are already thinking about embedding more intelligence in our flying robots (obstacle avoidance, SLAM, image and speech recognition, …) and for that we are putting a lot of development time into the Robot Operating System (ROS). We are releasing demos such as this one. Expect more to come.

Just a few days ago we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign: BeagleUAV. Through BeagleUAV, you’ll be able to access all the Erle-Brain for a discounted price of 150 €.

Go ahead and get yourself into Linux drones with the BeagleBone Black and the PixHawk Fire Cape ;).

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  • A bit more expensive than PixHawk but good to see a Linux based APM.

  • @Ravi,

    The BeagleBone Black has a micro HDMI port (so Erle-Brain does) but currently those pins are being used for other purposes. Refer to the PXF schematics. With some work, it might be possible to use those ports.


    There're Android images for the BeagleBone Black available. Erle-Brain should be able to wear them as well. Never tried it myself but it sounds like a fun project.

  • Good job! A somewhat not related question: How easy (or hard) is it to port the APM code (that you are running on Ubunto) to Android?

  • so it has video over wi-fi. how would we give input for video (HDMI, H.286, AV)

  • backed.
    good job.

  • Lucas and Gary, thanks for the support :)!

    @Lucas, there's a perk in the campaign to get both.

    We got a really interesting result with ROS today. It'll be shared in the coming weeks. Getting more and more excited about the possibilities of these technologies.
    Kind regards,

  • Hi, I already backed you guys with 145€ (120 PXF, 20 Shipping, 5 tip).

    Is there a way to give you more money and get a BBB as well ?



  • Great post Victor :)

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