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  • People should be trained to some level before flying one of these. Just gets them to understand the limitations of the system. Quads/UAVs are something that most people haven't experienced or considered the limitations of and they should get trained to understand what they are capable of and what they are not. She was definitely flying in an area she should not have done so and she was pretty lucky nothing worse happened.

    You are not allowed to drive a car or bike unless you go through a driving school and why are people assuming that this is not the same.

  • Lots to say about her experience.  The longer I mess with these things the more I realize that they are not for everyone.  That said I'd not want to be the one to figure out who should fly and who shouldn't either.  I don't have a solution so I'll leave it at that.

    Yeah, bad place to fly at the very least.

  • Many of us here have been complaining about overselling the autonomous and "safety" features with the clear intent of letting people think they don't actually need to know how to fly these things.

    Certainly I have been extremely vocal about it.

    Frankly 3DR and Chris have been the most vocal supporters of the anybody can do it with no training concept.

    The Solo was the first real attempt to deliver on that promise.

    And the Phantoms sort of followed suit.

    And now with the Matrix and the Karma you actually have two quadcopters that can sort of do it.

    The problem is that in many ways that is not a good thing.

    I believe I likely coined the term flying lawnmower 6 years ago and except for a few small incidents we haven't had much trouble because mostly people who understood the limitations of these things were flying them.

    Certainly, especially with the consumer marketed Phantoms there have been some public displays of stupidity.

    But till now it hasn't really exploded.

    Like it or not, the consumer drone is now here and the consumers are clueless.

    There will be blood!

    Fortunately the FAA has actually managed to produce a set of viable regulations for both hobby and commercial use in advance of this, so to at least some degree, it can be handled.

    It will get unfortunate amounts of press, but in the end, that should inform the public that they actually have a genuine responsibility to operate these things correctly and safely.

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    I don't blame inexperienced users at all. The problem lies on the companies portraying and selling PNP drones as something anyone can just pick up and fly however they like.

    This girl is a Youtuber and I've seen videos where she flies the Mavic. So she's used to having optical flow keeping the drone stationary in GPS restricted environments. And clearly she expected the Karma to behave the same.

  • Oh, Greg, where can I buy some of your knives?  They would be good for my wife. :)

  • I dunno guys....

    A big part of the problem is that these systems are marketed to people with no skills/training, and they think that is a perfectly fine place to fly.  We know it's not.  But they don't.

    Until these things have more than just GPS, this will continue to happen.

  • I am developing a new kitchen knife, for safety I have completely removed the blade. The unit doesn't function at all, but it meets all safety standards.

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    Did you see where the GPS is,

  • Now it appears that her yt account, which has more subscribers that the vlogbrothers, has been hacked. Fantastic!

    Damouav & Cala - You give this ditz far to much credit. It seems pretty clear to me that the video above is showcasing her flying skills, not her acting skills.
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