BasicX auto pilot

This is a journal for a BasicX AP I've been working on for the last month:i received my BasicX processor the first week of April and spent the next week pounding out the code .i then spent the next week simulating and adding a few niceties like way point and setup files.the next two weeks was spent waiting for the gps module and other parts .spent the last week making a proto board and a few changes to the gps parser to work with the gpstoday 5-5-08 first test flight : things went very well and it performed better then expected (wee haa!!)ok a few features of my ap:no distance restrictionscan fly any ware in the worldunlimited WPseasy set up file ie trim,ectuses spherical geometry in the nav routine instead of flat plain approximation5-8-08test fly ; changed "P" to 0.5 with very nice results flight path much straighter between wps5-9-08hardware list1x ettrex 32 cannel 5hz gps modual1x BX-241x DE-SWADJ reg from dimension engineering1x 5v LDO reg3x 0.1 uf caps1x 100 uf cap2x 1k ohm resistors1x parallax servopal1x tact button (reset)staight pin connectors1x small perfboard1x fma FS-8 failsafe reciever and copilot (stabilization)5-16-08changed gps serial comm , pumped up to 5hz update looptest flight went good ,some oscillations in yaw5-17-08changed cg ,changed prop to 10x7 ,cg got rid of yaw problem , flew in 15-20 mph winds , worked better then expected , noticed 35 deg + dog tracking on cross wind leg, no missed wp no "turn arounds"will turn up P slightly untill it oscillats and will try Ziegler-nichols method on PID loop5-18-08 flew for 15min "no hands" burned 750 ma noticed some trubble turning left against wind5-19-08 changed to figure 8 pattern, changed gain to 0.75, little left trim in auto mode, flew for 10min before rain5-21-08 demo flight for snohomish co. search and rescue. went well
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  • Hey Wayne. Sounds really good. I am in process of moving into a new place so my BSX is on hold right at the moment but I will take you up on the offer as soon as I settle in.

    Thanks in advance.

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    tests have gone good . I've done some wireless com integration and was stopped short of a full command and control due to lack of ram and am now playing with a net burner unit . also i would recommend better error handling in the bsx algorithm . although im too busy to focus on the AP side of things i would be more then happy to give you pointers.
  • Nice Going Wayne.

    I have been looking for this for a while since I too am using a BX24. I was beginning to lose hope someone had done this before.

    Anymore comments on this project? Where are you now as far as tests and practice?

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    Any chance you could post a little how-to on that power pod conversion? I like the looks of it and it could turn the Easy Glider (and Easy Glider Pro, which I just got) from a so-so UAV contender (limited space in the front and obstructed view) to quite a good one.
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    yes its made from a piece of dragon plate . i also just got done adding wireless com and a SQL based ground stations . will be flight testing soon . the ground station logs all nav data and i can do some basic flight direction ie RTH, gotowp#
    but im out of ram to be able to change a waypoint .
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    Did you build that power pylon for the EZG yourself? (I'm assuming it is indeed an Easy Glider).

    And did you ever get around to posting that code?
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    ok i will add the code to this post
  • GeorgiaTech EE '71 - retired; I want to do what your doing (just for fun) - I fly RC - Been buying sensors and eval boards. Want to build UAV - Autopilot...
    Very interested in your SoftWare - I'm close to Zero on S/W but studying the Stamp, Propeller and BasicX software and MicroProcessor chips..
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    FMA , will add it to the list
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