ihudFrom the website:iHUD is an application (app) that turns the iPhone and - with limited features the iPod touch *) - into an aerospace-inspired mobile Glass Cockpit. iHUD derives its name from Head-Up Display, which depicts motion and flight-related pertinent guidance information and data for optimal situational awareness.iHUD depicts an extraordinary graphic interface with a simulated horizon and a vehicle reference symbol, dynamic speed, altitude, and vertical velocity ribbons and digital display window, rotating compass card with user selectable heading bug, slip/skid ball, and an accelerometer (G-meter).WOW that alone is worth getting an iphone
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  • Yes it is well documented that accelerometers only cannot give you attitude, but I would like to see how their $5.99 app compares to $20+K avionics equipment. I don’t suggest anyone fly in clouds with an iPhone but I bet accels+gps is good enough for a DIY Drone.
  • You do understand that this won't work in an airplane?! Once you subject it to any form of acceleration it is useless--worse than useless, it is dangerous. Their promise to 'look at' making it actually work other than standing still means, basically, using GPS track to determine rate and direction of turn and then correlating it with the accelerometers to approximate pitch and bank. Save the 5.99.
  • By the way: Who is brave and build a iphone-drone?? "some" accelerometers and gps are still in place. With "not-so-legal" software comunication to the real-world should be possible too.
  • That is super awesome. I hate that it's 5.99 though..

    on my ipod touch...
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