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Hi Guys,

This is my second blog post on my project to design a drone from scratch. The previous post did its work and served its purpose for crowdsourcing the required electronics. Martin(Distributor)of Build Your Own Drone gifted me a whole lot of parts i.e a full APM 1 setup and Motors,Props and XBees and it is with these parts I started building the drone.


I had chosen to go with a KlineFogleman airfoil design, and found Jaron's RCgroups blog. For the time being, my aircraft will be a clone of his Intermezzo 100. Since Jaron has been kind enough to provide the DXF files for laser cutting, I had hoped that would get it lasercut locally.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any laser cutters here in Kolkata and am hoping that someone who has a CNC and a supply of Depron,plywood etc. will be able to lasercut the template and send it to me(to India). I know that its a bit of a steep request, but its the only way. If you have a CNC and access to Depron and plywood,etc. please help me!


The current electronics are a stock APM setup, with the exeption of R/C electronics as I will be controlling it using a joystick and XBees.

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