7W boosters for OpenLRS Project

Hi Guys

Good news from OpenLRS (Opensource Long Range System) project!

Today i received 7 watt RF booster chips and at last i'm ready to finishing the PCB designs. This weekend i will finish the booster design and PCBs will be ready in 3 weeks.

Here is the latest PCB designs of Tx, Rx and IMU modules of OpenLRS

Tx and Rx modules size smaller than most of RC modules. Rx module including I2C (or 3 adc) conector pads on back side. I'm planning to connect my new 6DOF IMUnext v3 board there. Rx can stabilize the plane (or quadro) without any external parts and it sends the parameters to the ground over telemetry system. And Rx's rs232 port already available for digital telemetry or direct GPS connection.

Some advantages of OpenFARC:

  • Direct ground computer based remote control and telemetry (Autopilot by computer?)
  • Rx based Autopilot/stabilization/return to home.
  • No Frequency hoping. I'm planning to using static 2 frequency switching for safety. You can use 2 or more modules for receiving the telemetry signals or transmitting the controls with static frequency, because you know your frequencies. Or hopping already possible.
  • If you want to use it for really long range, you can add 7W booster on Tx module (only one way control without telemetry)
  • Direct analog RSSI output on Rx
  • RS232 telemetry and commandset (like "S2512" mean turn the 2th servo to center position,etc)

I'm developing OpenLRS project with AVR-GCC on Atmega328 chipset. All ATMEL developers are welcome ;)

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  • Can you tell me who you found that actually stocks the RA07M4047M?
  • I have some keymont balloons but I will use punch balloons for this tests because 20gr lift is enough for that.

    GPRS+GPS looking expensive and useless for high altitude. Use APRS module and a gps chip for perfect tracking. APRS network covering all world and all CB amateurs helps you about tracking. And you can follow your ballon via google maps. APRS packages includes; Sender type(as balloon),Status,Position, Heading, Altitude, Info field for additional sensors. And you can find the APRS transmitter modules around 80-100$
  • Really? I will release my HAB soon, but I never considered doing live of the balloon tracking. Actually I use 2 gps/gsm tracker boards, but over 2-5km coverage it's gone. In fact I use the trackers only to locate the capsule after landing. Do you use a real weather baloon (like the ones keymont) or yust a "big one"?

  • I guess OpenLRS's 20db (100mw) telemetry module enough for %95 of applications. this 7W (39db) booster works only one directional. I'm designing booster Board for only knowhow and funny applications. I will release a disposable weather balloon  with OpenLRS + Booster + GPS and we will learn the range of whole system ;)


  • My experiance is that in several countries there are no resources to control abusive use. Italy - for example - has a really reestrictive 868Mhz power regulation: Something around 50mW. I guess nobody - evan the companies installing remote controls or telemetry - cares about that. On the onther side there are countries like switzerland where you can just switch on a device with too much power and you have good chances to get troubles. I don't think that the fact everyone feels free to send with high power just because he thinks the governative limitation are useless is agood idea: There is a reason for these limitations. And reasonable people should respect that. We have a more or less liberal frequency allocation. I don't know if someone remember the times when you needed a licence for everything (even for a ridicolous 500mW CB). So please don't let us go back to that.

  • 7 watt is too strong to be used legally in a lot of countries.  What kind of range are you shooting for?  Since video will always be the limiting factor range wise, I would think a 7W radio is a bit overkill.

  • 7 Watt?! Uh oh!.... a bit too much for use in the EU. If someone cares about.


  • @Jhon

    Yes, SimpleOSD's new firmware(not released yet) including FrSKY and OpenLRS compatible telemetry output. You can design your own GS or i will ;) 

  • what about SimpleOSD? any way to connect OSD and the Receiver showing the artificial horizon line in the OSD ?

  • Thats a good application for transporting narcos :-)


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