$99 Drone Parachute on APM 3.3

The is the ninth and final test of an affordable parachute system designed with the Iris+ in mind. 42" chute with 3D printed parts, wires and servos. These are handmade.

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  • You can also use a switch on the controller (manual)

  • The system will deploy automatically when the copter breaks a 20 degree angle. It will also deploy in the case of a rapid drop. The chute is spring loaded and deploys in less than a second. The motors are cut before this all happens.

    How it works -  the APM page: HERE

    Demo of my unit: HERE

  • Hi Jimmy, thanks for posting.  A couple of ignorant questions if you don't mind.  How do these systems avoid entanglement with the props?  Also, possible issues with deployment where the attitude is not ideal, eg. upside down or free wheeling?

  •   So a high speed uncontrolled drop is better than a low speed uncontrolled drop?  I don't think that sounds like a good decision to me.

      A controlled crash on a target zone (bad landing), should not be the type of incident that would force a parachute deployment.  The assumption that any and all catastrophic events while flying can be contained and controlled so as to hit a "target zone" seems rather optimistic.

  • Strange that they would rather have the drone hurling at the ground at 32 ft per second... The APM system turns the motors off first and slows the decent drastically. 

  • MR60

    Parachutes are controversial and forbidden for use in our country's uav regulation. This is due to the non predictability and non controllable  descent trajectory and impact point. With winds it could drift quite a bit, putting at risk assets and people. In case of incident, a controlled crash on a target zone is deemed a "better" solution than using a parachute.

    Are there any other country having the same approach ? Or are we the sole lunatics around this planet to have such a negative regulatory approach against parachutes ?

  • You will need a bit of motivation and ingenuity to get the other parts. There are many spring you can use. Screws at the hardware store. A decent metal mini servo. I have my chutes custom made so the off-the-shelf parachute will not fit in the capsule. A 36" off of eBay will not fit much less a 42". So I suggest thin shroud lines and thin, thin nylon. The print will take a the better part of 10 hours at a minimum of 25%

  • FILES:

    STL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/txs23ll7nu53w4l/MiniPara50.stl?dl=0

    INFO: https://shadowquad.com/product/drone-parachute-48/

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    Can you share the plans and CAD files so others can make them?

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