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  • This is GREAT.

  • Developer

    I cannot open the website??? " 

    Your access to this site has been limited " ??

  • Really Nice, a lot work time i imagine... Why don't you reduce arm length (or increase body length) to your  to permit a good compact system?

  • MR60
    Excellent project. Good synthesis of various lessons learned. Inspires me to build my own foldable design.
  • Nice work! Sorry it decided to bite back its creator! Hopefully no long lasting damage!

  • enjoying reading your website.

    I share your enthusiasm for liberating aircraft from their landing gear during landing sequences.

  • Gary, I'm glad you like it. Most of the ideas came from here, especially Murray's folding quadcopter. That was the post that really got me thinking, but I didn't like the way the props stuck out.

    Folding Quadcopter for the holidays

    Sorry, I should have mentioned the isolators. The orange isolators are those sold by Tim Nilson at They are used on the QAVs he puts out. I've found them useful in several designs, especially after someone posted how to repair them after the metal studs break off. The conventional wisdom is that they should be used in compression which really constrains how you design them in. I originally wanted the battery box, APM and even the camera mount beneath the fuselage but that got...complicated. So it ended up getting piled on top and the camera mount separate and floating between Zeal pads.

    With the way I fly I'd be wary of putting an expensive gimbal beneath it. It would surely be doomed as anything beneath the fuselage becomes defacto landing gear. But I have a 3DR Y6 in process for gimbal fun.

  • This is a really nice highly optimized design.

    Possibly the most practical and compact folder I have seen.

    Figuring out a stabilizing gimbal + pitch control for it might be interesting.

    Could you list the source for the Sorbothane isolators?

    Great Job.

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