A detailed look at Pixracer

The video below (enable audio!) shows a detailed overview of the new Pixracer flight controller.

It is the 4th generation of the Pixhawk flight controller family (make: FMUv4) and like the first generations designed by the Pixhawk Open Hardware team in collaboration with an international dev team. It supports the PX4 and APM flight stacks. If you like to try PX4 on it, follow the user guide.

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  • @Crady: ACM will support it, but hasn't catched up with the final hardware rev I believe.

    @Johnatan: There is a link in the top of the post with all ports

    @Tobias: This is not a Pixhawk. Most Octos then need gimbal control cameras triggers, etc. - wait for the full-size Pixhawk if you want an updated Pixhawk (no, we don't know yet how long it will take)

    @benbojangles: AUAV offers a matching power supply as kit

  • snazzy :) I like the price point too. It reminds me of the glory days of my first Crius AIOP board. Is there also a 35x35mm Power + Amp/Voltage Sensor board? (I'm guessing it's 35x35mm) it could be stacked underneath/ontop.

  • only 6 PWM outputs... so no octos possible? I guess it makes sense when the target market is racing quads. But this could also be a nice little FC for any other copter.

  • I really like how small it is. Could anyone please explains what are the peripherals that we can not use on Pixracer because of lack of I/O ports comparing to Pixhawk?

  • Nice!  The order page doesn't explicitly say it comes with cables (if it does I miss it).

    Any issues with the latest releases of MP/ArduCopter?  

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