It’s always been a dream to be able to fly in the stars and my Hubsan H107L has made those dreams come true. It was the quad that started this love affair, and she will always hold my heart as the one that made me into a Flying Man.

As a kid we dreamed of getting into remote aircraft, but it was always a hobby that was just to expensive and complicated to get into.  As kids our budgets weren’t much more than enough to buy candy and none of our parents had thousands of dollars to fulfill our fantasies.  As I got older, the dream never faded, but the technology took a while for the cost to entry to meet the fun funds necessary to join in.

It was the Fall of 2013 that I first laid eyes on her.  Amazon had her on sale for $40, a sleek and stylish black Hubsan H107L.  I ordered it prime and within a day or two I was staring at my first RC Multi-Rotor.

I carefully took her out of the box and gently laid her on my bed.  Ready for my first try I was definitely a bit nervous.  My hands trembled as I held her and gently inserted her battery.  She lit up and I knew my flying dreams were close.  I placed her level and grabbed the controls.  That first time we successfully binded together I knew I was in love.

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  • Or: how I learn to Stop worrying and Love the Drone

  • I always recommend one of these small units to someone who is looking to learn.

  • Thanks Gary.  This hobby is truly a dream come true.  The folks in the community are pretty awesome as well.

  • Great interpretation,

    My second copter was one of the little Hubsans.

    My first was one I stuck together from parts from GoodLuckBuy with a KK control board.

    That was a really iffy relationship, just keeping it flying was a major challenge.

    The assembly and tune procedure I wrote up became the main document for a while.

    The Hubsan was much better, very stable and responsive.

    Still have and occasionally fly the Hubsan, but the Blade 200QX is a new tiny favorite and I'm starting to design some of my own.

    Been flying bigger smarter copters like Flamewheels, and Hoverthings Flip and FPV Pro, but definitely getting back to smaller ones but these are going to have plenty of brains too.

    I like the Drone-Pilot-Zone web site and will definitely link to it from my own drones are fun and quadcopters are fun web sites.



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