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Drone enthusiasts and creator of Drone-Pilot-Zone.com

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I am an FPV addict and am working to create new resources for drone pilots.



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Mitchell Valentine posted a blog post
The debate is raging about how the 1 million drones sold this Christmas will fit into our lives and our society.  Rules and laws are being crafted left and right.  People are reacting, people are nervous, people are terribly uninformed. The consumer…
Oct 12, 2015
Mitchell Valentine posted a blog post
Photo Credit to Darren French - TBS Discovery shot taken at 25m high at 80km/h. I wrote an OpEd piece today for my website Drone-Pilot-Zone.com titled Is Your Neighborhood Drone-Pilot a Spy?Please come visit and have a read of the entire article.…
Aug 18, 2015
Mitchell Valentine commented on Mitchell Valentine's blog post A Drone Love Story ⋆ Dancing in a Starry Night ⋆
"Thanks Gary.  This hobby is truly a dream come true.  The folks in the community are pretty awesome as well."
Jun 6, 2015
Mitchell Valentine posted a blog post
It’s always been a dream to be able to fly in the stars and my Hubsan H107L has made those dreams come true. It was the quad that started this love affair, and she will always hold my heart as the one that made me into a Flying Man.As a kid we…
Jun 6, 2015
Mitchell Valentine posted a blog post
Source: Screen Grab from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR3q4hlmoEoVisit Drone-Pilot-Zone.com for our list of recommended partsEverybody wants to know how to build a quad that can match that speed.  The secret is in the 22.2 volts of raw 6s power…
May 18, 2015
Mitchell Valentine posted a discussion
Click here to Vote in the Contest!!!We are offering (1) one set ofMicro Motor Warehouse “Dark Edition” 8.5 x 20 mm Motorsto the Best Micro Drone Story video.Use your Micro UAV to tell an interesting story in 1 to 5 minutes.  Then upload your video…
Feb 25, 2015
Mitchell Valentine posted a blog post
Drone-Pilot-Zone.com is having a Micro Drone Story Telling Contest.The winner will receive a (1) set of "Dark Edition" Motors from Micro Motor Warehouse.Be sure to submit your videos. We are looking for great stories told using your Micro…
Feb 16, 2015
Mitchell Valentine posted a blog post
So you admit you have a problem. These are the signs you might have a Multi-Rotor Addiction.1. You have so many rotors that Multi should be Megamulti. 2. At least 1 box is delivered to your door every day with "parts" in it. 3. Even the remote in…
Jan 20, 2015
Mitchell Valentine posted a blog post
Visit us at Drone-Pilot-Zone.comCome check out our UAV Ace Challenges.  We have different categories for all different types of flyers.  In the near future we will be hosting our first competition with an RTF Quadcopter for a prize.  We will be…
Jan 1, 2015