Is Your Neighborhood Drone-Pilot a Spy?


Photo Credit to Darren French - TBS Discovery shot taken at 25m high at 80km/h. 

I wrote an OpEd piece today for my website titled Is Your Neighborhood Drone-Pilot a Spy?

Please come visit and have a read of the entire article.  Here is a short excerpt from the article. 

I fly because I love the feeling of flying. I have several multi-rotors with cameras and what they bring back to me is a vision reserved only for the hawks and eagles, crows and bats. I get to see a side of the world I’ve seen in the movies, but never in real life. I can strap on my goggles and soar above the tree tops. My mind lost in the weightlessness of futuristic flight. I am small but agile, all vectors are available. I can zoom in any direction, and head to any height.

Drone-Pilots are a special breed of people. We are explorers, in both the earthly realm, the technological realm, and the metaphysical. We are pushing the limits, making things smaller, faster, lighter, sleaker, sexier, and more bad ass! We are never satisfied with out abilities, we always order more. We tinker, and search, trading ideas, fixing problems. We are a community of creators, of idealists, and of dreamers.

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