The debate is raging about how the 1 million drones sold this Christmas will fit into our lives and our society.  Rules and laws are being crafted left and right.  People are reacting, people are nervous, people are terribly uninformed. The consumer drones available today span a huge spectrum of different weights, capabilities, and potential issues.  

There was no easy way for people to  make informed decisions. Is a Syma X5C the same as a DJI Phantom 2?  Is it okay to fly a Hubsan X4 H107L in the park?  Can my nephew fly an Estes Proto Nano in the house?  Should I be worried about the video capabilities of my neighbor's JJRC H8C?

We have developed a system that helps to clarify the differences. We break consumer class RTF - Ready to Fly multi-rotors in to 4 safety classes.

  • Class 1: Beginner are safe for everyone and great to learn on.
  • Class 2: Novice are more advanced and require more careful piloting, but they are generally safe for everyone.
  • Class 3: Semi-Pro are serious hobby level drones and require careful and responsible piloting.
  • Class 4: Pro Grade are for the big boys and serious ladies.

You can use our Safety Rating Estimator to calculate the rating yourself or you can visit our shop and see our ratings.

For an in depth explanation of how we define these Classes visit us at 


or check out our safety rated drones in our shop.


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