3689651185?profile=originalSource: Screen Grab from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR3q4hlmoEo

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Everybody wants to know how to build a quad that can match that speed.  The secret is in the 22.2 volts of raw 6s power that it can handle.  We've compiled a list of parts that should get a similar job done. 

Quadmovr ordered their parts from several places on the internet, sadly we don’t think they ordered any through us yet, and we can’t offer exactly the same parts, but we do have a list of similarly rated parts that will get you flying at break neck speeds if that’s what you’re after.

Quadmovr used T-Motor MN2206 2000KV motors with Kiss 30a ESCs on a 6s 1500mah 35c battery, with 5×4 HQ Carbon Fiber Props, and you’ll have to head over to Hobby King to get a MultiWii NanoWii FC, though many other flight controllers will work just fine. Be sure to check out his blog at RCGroups.  He’s got all sorts of shots of his crazy builds.

Drone-Pilot-Zone.com is a site devoted to Multi-Rotor Pilots.  We aim to entertain, inform, and make the shopping process a bit easier.  We are currently working as Amazon Affiliates to help organize their products in a much more Drone-Pilot friendly manner.  In the future we plan to work with any Multi-Rotor producers out there to get their gear into the right skilled and responsible hands.  We spend the meager proceeds of our website on buying flying machines ourselves. We are true Multi-Rotor Addicts.


Mitch Valentine

P.S. We have absolutely no idea who Quadmovr is, but we like his work.  

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  • Quadmovr or anyone else: I would like to pay someone to either join my team to build a drone similar to this. Please email me at z.martin2@umiami.edu if you have an interest
  • There is nothing special about 6s. The key is the motors kv ratio to the input voltage and max capabilities of the motor and power system. The only advantage of increasing voltage is you can use smaller and lighter ESCs for the same watt output. Run the same setup with 3s on the same motor rewound to 4000kv or any variation of voltage as long as you have the same kv to voltage ratio with equal motors and windings assuming you have not maxed out the capabilities of the motor itself and you will get similar results.
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    FC NanoWii from flyduino.net.

    Kiss 30A, new ESC in flyduino's "Keep It Super Simple" ESC line 


    Warthox MiniCP120 Rahmen

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