Top 10 Signs You're Addicted to Multi-Rotors


So you admit you have a problem. These are the signs you might have a Multi-Rotor Addiction.

1. You have so many rotors that Multi should be Megamulti.
2. At least 1 box is delivered to your door every day with "parts" in it.
3. Even the remote in your living room has a throttle.
4. You know the difference between 3s and 4s, 10c and 70c.
5. You got rid of your dog because he didn't get along with your Multi-Rotor.
6. You never take off your FatSharks.
7. You have carbon fiber embedded in your flesh.
8. You can adjust your PIDs without even touching your multi-rotor.
9. You put LEDs on everything.
10. You've experienced more Fly-Aways than Malaysian Airlines.

Originally posted on by Mitch Valentine

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  • Point 10 is EPIC!!! Lol

  • sleeping%201_zpscb743d88.jpg


    you can start counting in the picture.

  • So where are the jokes

  • you have 6 multis and you plan to make the another one ..

  • You sleep with them in your bedroom
  • or.... my name is Darrell and it's been two days since I have placed an order at HobbyKing

  • Hi my name is Todd and I'm an addict

    that's step 1 right

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