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A Drone's Day at Maker Faire

We had a blast at Maker Faire, which was the best one yet. This video captures the spirit of it perfectly, from the Game of Drones battles to the fire-breathing sculptures. Many thanks to the Maker Faire team for letting us do this!

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  • I've turned down jobs for that exact reason. I know its not worth the risk even though I'm confident enough to do it. I also know I would catch holy h*ll from members on this great forum. I hope he comes to his senses.
  • Distributor

    When I attended the Montreal mini maker faire there was a lot of demand form the organization and media to get that kind of shot taken... I always refused and also got a fenced area to demonstrate simple take-off and stability (not flying much) 

    Even that was nerve breaking and we only did a couple attempts due to the strong magnetic field present on the site (high current wires in the concrete under our flight area... hehe) 

    So when I see video like this I get really mad as this is not responsible.  Even with all paperwork in place I could not do that job even if well paid.. I think Chris you need to take that video down. It was said before that we do not endorse that kind of flying around here. I now have customers talking about that video every days telling me that if 3DR did it they must be fine doing the same... 



  • Well the fact that this video is still up shows the disregard for safety that Chris is championing. We've seen majority support that this was not a good idea and that it gives people the sense that anyone can go fly over a crowd. He has chosen to ignore this fact and that speaks volumes.
  • John/Shawn,

    We did use a spectrum analyser at the Faire last year, and 2.4 & 5.8 gHz were entirely saturated, as one would expect. It's a testament to modern technology that it all works as well as it does. All that bluetooth, wifi, FAAST, DSM, etc working inside a giant tin can...

    In full disclosure: I/we did fly my Vapor around the booth at last years Faire (very close to people in all honesty). Until the Faire officials told us to stop, and we did.

    This beast has a flying weight of 12g, btw. I would gladly crash it into a small childs face.

    *sorry about that last remark, my humor is hard for even me to understand sometimes :-)

  • I was there too. Waivers/bands were not mandatory. I did not see the indoor flight, but i was concerned about the outdoor flight. It seemed it for quite close to the fire spewing octopus, which would randomly blast at full power. I also noticed this was an x8 copter, which on one landing someone tried to catch.. I didn't hear what was said, but It also appeared Dale Dougherty himself came over to tell the operator to quit flying..

  • Developer

    A spectrum analyzer is only going to give you an overview of the spectrum in use while scanning. At an event like this, I am betting there are many different radio systems and possible EMI sources being turned on and off all the time. My personal rule is very simple. Never fly over people, especially crowds. The exception being tightly controlled scenarios like film and tv productions where everybody involved (crew and actors) are informed and consenting.

  • I am curious to know if a spectrum analyzer was used at all.
  • So now we have a report of from someone who attended that claims there were no waivers signed for general admission where the quad flew. There is clearly no ground team as the video indicates. A report of an "uncontrolled landing" on saturday. At 0:40 in the video when you fly through the bubbles it appears the kids are pretty close. This isn't adding up chris. Why are we getting conflicting reports about waivers and your ground team? It seems you're trying to cover your butt by making stuff up.
  • Nice video but I did find myself cringing and hoping something didn't go horrible wrong.  All in all I was very surprised to see this posted by 3DR.

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