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A Drone's Day at Maker Faire

We had a blast at Maker Faire, which was the best one yet. This video captures the spirit of it perfectly, from the Game of Drones battles to the fire-breathing sculptures. Many thanks to the Maker Faire team for letting us do this!

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  • "Everyone who attended MF was informed that there would be drones flying overhead and signed a waiver"

    Did anyone else on this thread attend the Faire?  I did, and certainly didn't sign any waiver.  I have about a dozen friends who went, and none of them did.  Did anyone on this thread have to sign one to get in?

    There was a wavier if you wanted to participate in dangerous activities like flying in the Game of Drones or being part of the battle ship arena.  But none that I saw for regular simple attendees.   Just the logistics of trying to do that for 100,000+ attendees sounds impossible.

    I'm also a bit concerned about the thinking behind blaming the families and people wanting to attend a cool event like Maker Faire if they're hurt by a commercial enterprise who's selling products there.  Who's fault should that be?

  • Great video! I wish I could have made it to the makerfare, definitly something I have to do at some point... however it does give the impression that it is ok to fly the iris over crowds. Actions speak louder than words and some might take this as all the justification they need.

  • Have you seen the bumper sticker, "shit happens?"

    Can you imagine if something went wrong?

    Those APC props took my finger tips off several years ago and they still tingle !!!!


  • No one is hating. No one criticising 3dr products. The criticism actually shows we care for 3dr...and that we expected better.
  • Armen,

    I'm not sure how to interpret your comment. Are you insinuating that diyDRONES supports flying over crowds? These are DIYD members criticizing this video. Maybe you are not understanding how internet forums work, all of us have thoughts, ideas, opinions... and we often express them on these pages, that's kind of the whole point of all this.

    What does your love for your Iris have to do with any of our points?

  • You guys do realize that you're on "diyDRONES" dont ya?

    I love my Iris and am glad to see it at Makerfaire.

    Keep up the good job 3DR. 

  • How very disappointing. This video reflects extremely badly on 3DR and is bound to be used in negative press. I had a chance to attend this meeting and now I'm so glad that I didn't. I certainly would have spoken out about how dangerous and irresponsible this was which I'm sure would have caused issues. Honestly, what were the people responsible for this thinking? There are several ways this video could have been done with no safety risk to the public. Shame on you. 

  • I can see I am fighting a losing battle here, and frankly I agree with a large majority. I am simply stating the facts based on my own experience. Yeah, shit happens, but it did not. What happened was a good video of the Maker Fair. I am not here to justify anything other than the fact that it can be done with a reasonable amount of safety when proper planning is in place. After all “piss pore planning equal’s piss pore results”. It is inevitable that sUAS will be flying “safely” over crowds of people. We, as a group, are going to be the ones to make it happen, not because of our skill set, but because of the built in redundancy of our air frames.

  • Craig,

    Just to be clear, I'm not being critical of 3DR the company. 


    Your statement is absolutely correct:

    If the copter falls out of the sky its going to hit someone. It doesnt matter what protocols anybody claims.

    Therefore the proper safety protocol is never having masses of families below you, or at least use a Parrot Bebop or something. The onus for caution is on the operator not the potential victim. Even if laypeople agree to the notion of a camera drone flying over their family, they are expecting a certain level of expertise behind the activity.

    People love fireworks and will sit as close as they are allowed to, but when they get hit in the face with an faulty fireworks shell who's responsible?

  • Quadcopters have zero redundancy, there are NO safety measures in EXISTANCE!  If any one thing fails they fall out of the sky, with no warning, and nothing that can be done.  I don't care about a 3 pound foam wing hitting me, I do care about a 3 pound falling brick... especially when there's kids in the crowd!  I have NO issue with flying 4 miles out, at 6000 feet up (its not illegal afterall)... I have NO issue with people flying commercially (its not illegal afterall). But flying multirotors over crowds of people, that's just dumb, no matter who is doing it!!

    And there are NO haters in this thread!  Just smart people.

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