Plan is to mount under fuselage of Telemaster 12' and Mugin when it arrives.

Camera Position is being controlled by Arduino via ethernet, Pan, Til,t Zoom  , and record to local SD,and  h264 stream, works so far.

Nice thing about this camera is its speed. Also does great with its built in video stabilization.

My plan is to pass a Lat, Long and Zoom level to the Arduino and let it keep that camera position. Will plan on listening to mavlink telemetry port for GPS data, desired position.

Axis Q6035E Camera is capable of  Tilt: 220°, 0.05° – 450°/s, HDTV 1080p 1920x1080

And H.264: Up to 30fps (60hz in HDTV 1080p)

Also has built-in "Auto Tracking"... Not sure how well this will work...  Have my doubts.. Ground tests are OK...

Product Link:

1.2 lbs after stripped down like below.


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  • Joseph, I have decided to mount it in a different plane(MUGIN), and have just started mounting everything in it.

    I am also building a house, so its going to be awhile. Thanks for the comments..

  • when will you have some video from a plane. I am looking forward to seeing how well the system works from the air..

    Great work

  • The motors are steppers, but... I am not controlling the motors directly from the arduino, I am sending GET ethernet packets to the Axis controller and letting it do all the work...  using the VAPIX api.

  • Eraser, what motors are used in it for pan/tilt function, are they servo motors or stepper . Usually dome camera's have stepper which will increase the complexity of interface with arduino . It will be better if it has servo motor drive.

  • Developer

    @Eraser. Thanks. 1.2 pounds ( 544 grams). That is  interesting.

  • I personally think the Elphel camera is a good choice. But no gimbal yet.


  • also stripping the heater, fan blower, heater fins, Power supply boards.  Overall very light , most of the weights is where it all mounts and shroud.

  • not after you strip off the all-metal housing just leave the dome protruding under the aircraft.

  • Developer

    3.5kg of camera.

  • If you find one for that price let me know... :)

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