A new controller project

A new project with STM32F429I-Disco


I have decided to build a quad and work on some control algorithms using FreeRtos to understand well both quad dynamics and what can a real time operating system do in practice. I will try to explain every step i implemented.. project may take long due to work and some grad courses. i will use stm32f429I discovery board running FreeRtos as controller card and again st i-nemo sensor kit as orientation sensor. I will probably add gps, barometric pressure sensor and other sensors at later stages of the project. 

Here is my Controller candidate.. (too big?)

i may consider to design a new board using same processor.. if everything about software is ok 

and here is my orientation sensor

have a nice weekend...

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  • Hi Alican,

    Maybe at look at this project could be helpfull:




    (Taulabs is a branch of the OpenPilot Project which is also based on STM32F4)

  • Developer

    If you want a bit of a head start you could create a AP_HAL port for ArduPilot to FreeRTOS. I've thought that would be an interesting port for a while now. That would allow you to play around at the RTOS level, while getting all the rest of the flight stack ready made.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • I think size is ok, for development purpose. I am looking forward for documentation review

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