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  • Hello,

    I didn't understand how I can change trim and direction of the servos. bill mentioned about change prefix with ss1 ss2 etc. parameter. How can I do this? which file include ss1,ss2,ss3,ss4?


  • Is it possible to get a binary of this? Ideally for pix hawk.  I have built for APM but the servos seems to move incorrectly.

    Any help would be most welcome as I have an air frame I cannot get airborne.


  • Does single copter support mission planner and waypoint navigation?

  • Hi Randy :-) Thx for your answer.  

    I am using :

    - an APM 2.5 / 2.6,

    - 2 contra-rotative propellers + motors + 2 servos (what you guys call coax, or what KK2 calls 2m 2s).

    I wish I could use the APM to add a GPS / compass and make it autonomous.

    Thx again

  • Developer

    @Drone-University, they're not super popular frames but we should make them at least available as a binary in  I've added an issue to the issues list.

    Worst case one of us can build a binary for you. You're using a Pixhawk or APM2?

  • Excellent stuff. I want to go ahead but I am not much of an arduino programmer guy.

    Do you think that singlecopter and coaxcopter firmwares will be available from MP anytime soon ?

    Thank you

  • As of last check in, Roll is Servo 1, Pitch is Servo 2, motors 3&4.

    I had them as per WIKI, Randy changed them around, didn't care one way or the other, so I went with his layout :)


    Anyone else flying with this, suggest Stab Yaw P, around 1.0

    These frames have small moments of inertia in Yaw, compared to there Multi brothers.


  • 3692942680?profile=original

  • Submitted pull request, off my 3.1.1 branch, that was flying "ok" last night.

    As soon as my new parts get in, I'll post some pics and work on it some more, with the new code you pointed out to me.


    I think new duct sections should be in today :)



  • I put a link up on drones dev, and I have my local copy working on Pixhawk as well now.

    Currently have Motor 1 on servo 1, Motor 2 on servo 2, then flaps on 3&4.


    Trying to match your Wiki Randy, but I can change assignment anytime?


    Still no luck getting Pix to build on Eclipse, but make seems to work ok


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