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        Great stuff.  I'm happy to pull it into master when you're ready.  A Pull request would be great but if that's not possible I can pluck it from your repository.

  • Ok the support for Coax frame type is ready. It's working with two motors and four control surfaces ATM. I will break out the Yaw for motor only, when I get my test bed working again.


    Wife's cat got his revenge, but I had it coming, didn't think the fat bastard could still move that fast :(


    I posted up on developer site for someone to add it. You should only need to play with AP_MotorCoax class from now on.


  • Ok, I will continue with it, I'm using this as an exercise to get more into the Pixhawk code.

    I will give it to Robert to merge when done. since, I can understand physics, mechanics, electronics, programming, and structures, but I can't get GITHUB too do what I want :(



  • Iv been working yes but my programming skills are just not up to it. Spend 90% of my time reference to books. Besides that I love tinkering with the hard ware to much.

    Anyone else working on coax-copter code?

    I started working on it today, just want to see if I'm repeating someone else's work, I can't see nothing on GIT?

  • Fantastic... with some development this could be a very interesting path.

  • Randy, I agree with you. The custom mixer is not useful for most players, while it is just for those developers.

  • Developer

    yes, the custom mixing thing is good.  We've talked about doing something similar for at least the various multicopters (quad, hexa, y6, octa, octaquad) but haven't gotten to it yet.  Not so sure about extending it to things like helicopters.  Sometimes if you try to generalise something too much you just end up with a lot of configuration that's actually as complicated as just writing the C++.

  • I have a coaxial model made ​​of HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board
    and used this code
    XXcontrol_KR_DualCopter v2.9
    but failed to break it down to arduino.
    works very well and have very stable analogues gyroscopes is perfect for aerial photography, which manufactures and pendulum. change servos graveda center helicopter style. I'm putting it together again to show a video to see if it serves as an example.


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