Here a shared review of a quite cute and tiny FPV quad, the QX90.

It was unfortunately delivered to me with a built in DSM type receiver so I could not use it with my Taranis radio.

I therefore modded the electronics with another tiny board that is incredible : it integrates a F3 flight controller with all bells and whistles plus an integrated FrSky compatible receiver !

I still have some stability issues with the receiver and Taranis. I am troubleshooting with the maker of this board and will post a follow up later on.

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  • Well, it all depends on how fast you fly and how often you're willing to replace motors.  These little brushless wonders are only good for 1 to 2 hours total.  If you push a 35C battery with a hotter motor, you're sure to puff them out.

    The 'standard' motors are rated at 39k RPM.  If you are not pushing hard the 'Chaoli' 8520s have a good reputation.

    I run the 53500 RPM 'RacerStar' motors currently:

    If you are 'insane', then you want to consider a 73 thousand RPM motor set like these from Micro Motor Warehouse:

    I have no experience with running these with 2S voltage though.  I would be interested to hear what kind of life you're getting out of them with twice the voltage.

  • MR60

    thx for the battery reference. What brushed motors are best in your experience ?

  • I recommend using high quality batteries like these from Turnigy:

    Also, I like the separate receiver unit for FrSky.  I went with the long-antenna version here:

    There are a lot of parts now available from Bangood's US warehouse now.  There are a ton of hotter motors for these little machines on the 'net too.  One disadvantage of the DIY F3 board is that the motors must be soldered to the board;  no connectors like the BNF package.  That makes replacing motors a bit more tedious.  And, YOU WILL BE REPLACING MOTORS.

    Turnigy Graphene 750mAh 1S 65C Lipo Pack w/ 2pin Molex Connector
    Graphene LiPo batteries are a World Champion Product capable of maintaining greater power output while remaining cooler under load & go harder for lo…
  • MR60

    yes it came with a 2S battery. And yes you have to solder the 2S jumper on the F3 board

    2S surprised me too but it flies great even with the extra weight.

  • Addendum:  link for the 1S QX90 here:

  • Hola H,

    Yes, I have a QX95 that I built up from the components you mention.  I started with the raw frame, then added hotter motors and an improved FPV camera/VTX unit.  I have a steep learning curve with brushed motors and Cleanflight, but I am getting in some quality flight time indoors with this little 'Whoop' machine.

    I am intrigued about your 2S setup.  Did you order that directly?  I know the F3 board has a solder jumper to select 1S or 2S, but the QX90 and QX95 typically ship as a 1S-powered quad.  They ship with a 1S 600 mAh battery.

    Have you flown a 1S for comparison?, I am curious to know if twice the voltage is worth the weight.

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