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I know that most countries have legislation in terms of radio / video transmitters. I also know that many people do not always comply with this legislation.What are your experiences and opinions with video transmitters?

1. Frequency2. Power3. Range4. Range with Antenna tracker.5. Effect on GPS signal.6. LAWI know that there is no reason to discuss range since the law says in line of sight when you fly with RC. But still there is also some who "accidentally" gets to fly just a little outside the LOS.I have recently been in contact with a company who produce video / data transmitters.Any one in here who has experience with these transmitters.1.



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  • and where did you buy a 5watt transmitter as well? I have been looking for one for ages.
  • 5 watts on video or radio transmitter? What kind of range are you getting?
  • im in canada, so when im in rural area's, i have no limit to the power.

    i use 5 watt transmitters on a 2.4GHz band, no-one cares.
  • Jordi,
    Great to see the epic of your sucess using WiFi amplifier to increase the range of your radio ! I have 3 radios of Futaba (6Ch, 35MHz, 6Ch 72MHz, and the big dady of radios Futaba 2.4GHz, 10C)
    Though depending on where I am flying, I observed intereference some times in the 35MHz & 72MHz but touchwood never ever in Futaba's 2.4GHz 10C.
  • Developer
    Did you see the FunJet photo in the front page? Well is gone =(, i can use it as peanuts to pack and ship stuff. Futaba made me crash for not reason (in 72Mhz), enough for me to hate it the rest of my life. But then when i thought everything was lost i saw a light at the very end. ;-) Maybe FASST is good but the DX7 has very good software and the futaba module let me recycle my receivers and put a high gain antenna with amp...

    But talk about radios is like talk about politics or religion. I guess.
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    Jordi, you're a little hard on Futaba now, aren't you.
  • Developer
    Well for the 2.4Ghz long range you need Spektrum (of course). But for that you will need a Futaba 9C or JR Radio, buy this modules:

    Or this one (Finally i have found a use for the Futaba crap):

    Now you must get any WIFI amplifier, you can even use 10 Watts if you want to fly to China, i got a second hand AMP from a friend for 50 bucks... Just use the SMA connector from the Spektrum TX and connect it to a high gain antenna.

    Now is even better because the Spektrum receiver has diversity (the tiny satellite), you must place the receiver and the satellite as far you can and in different orientations so you will a super reliable signal. With the normal radio alone i can only fly around 500 meters (with the 1.2ghz tx) and 1100 meters with the 900mhz.. Now i can go more than 3km without a single glitch, also the Spektrum receivers blinks when they have lost the signal during the flight for more than a second (you can see in which module you lost the reception, some times is the main receiver or the satellite), but now they never blink!

    BTW my WIFI is FCC approved. But i don't if is approved only for homes.
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    More on the FCC take and WRC
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    Interestingly this lot are going nuts over on RCgroups about radios topical!!
  • Had someone ever considered the opportunity to develop a system that transmit in an anticollision way, such FHSS or other, if that is possible with video?

    This would be a great improvement with a video not disturbed by rc, wireless or other systems even on the same band, and not disturbing other users.

    Berhaps this would even not disturb the on board equipement, like GPS etc.
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