AC2 2.0.6 Beta

Just letting you all know that a new version is up. You must use the new version of Michael's Tool to do the setup. The older tool won't work with this version. CLI usage through the Arduino serial window will always work.


Many bugs are squashed. PID reports correctly now for D terms. 

The new rate based nav is on by default, but please be careful with it. Keep that hand on the Mode switch! 

Frames are a compile time option in the AP_Config.h file. (or use the GUI tool)

Frame orientation (X or + ) is done with a CLI based setup menu. (or use the GUI tool)

Basic motor LEDs are enabled.

Logging should be better but let's try and narrow down on the Bad Logs bug.



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  • Developer
    Yeah, that won't be flyable. Please grab the latest libraries off the svn. They include th PI loop in the PID class.
  • Just downloaded the latest version, 2.0.7. Wouldn't compile until I found that the error was that [get_pid] was written as [get_pi] in the attitude sketch on lines 42 and 64. Now it compiles great. Unless I messed something up?
  • jasonshort wrote:
    "There was an issue in 2.0.7 if you had Yaw_I set to anything but 0. please re-download it or set it to 0 in the config tool.

    The cost of increasing version number approches zero while the cost of confusion because of two snapshots with the same version number is far from zero.

    Please increase a version number if you change the snapshot.
  • It would be so cool if the .svn folders was not distributed with the .zip files.
    svn export is your friend.
  • Glad to be of any help John.
  • Developer

    There was an issue in 2.0.7 if you had Yaw_I set to anything but 0. please re-download it or set it to 0 in the config tool.


  • NICE FIX Olivier.  I can read my logs now.


    Just go through logs.pde, and at the beginning of the functions that use log_step, where it is declared a byte, change it to this.


    byte log_step = 0;



  • Moderator
    Thanks Olivier! I'll make the edit this afternoon. Have you logged an issue for this yet?
  • @John Church,


    There is a problem in get_num_logs() and get_log_boundaries() functions in log.pde. The variable log_step should be initialize to 0 at the beginning of the functions. This fixed the "Bad log number" issue I also had.

    If you are able to modify your code and re-upload to your board, you will be able to download your logs.


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    Jason, you madman. 2.0.6 is really getting there. I haven't looked for damping in the code, but if it's there and just not broken out in the GUI, I no longer need it with the current stabilization code.Where I've had to really crank down the gains in the past, the defaults in this rev. only needed mild tweaking on my frame. It really looks like you're getting closer to a universally tuned code.

    One thing that bummed me out tonight is that after loading this rev., I neglected to clear the logs, so the ones that were captured tonight were corrupt somehow- I got the message "Bad log number" when trying to download. I wish I'd cleared the log because I would have had a nice capture to update issue 134...

    Altitude hold is much better, but loiter needs a good tuning in my case. (There are not enough hours in my day... I don't know how you do it!)

    Nice work.

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