2012-11-24 MV to All:

I've only just joined the ArduPilot-Mega Opensource Project, and am only just beginning to dig into the codebase.

My goal is to implement a host of enhancements to our beloved APM Mission Planner application.

My cloned repository is named "markevogt-pcl-experimenting".

My first enhancements have now been coded, tested and pushed up to my repo:

1. Flight Data Panel: each of the (6) quickView panels now has black text on a colored background - far easier to see when outside than thin, colored text against a black background;

2. Flight Data Panel: each of teh (6) quickView panels now has UNITS dynamically queried from the MainV2.config[] array, which in turn is dynamicall populated from the APM > Configuration screen. This too is handy when you wish to switch from feet to meters, or from fps to mph !...

Again, this is just a newbie way to start contributing swiftly - work on simple stuff to learn the overall codebase, then progressively tackle more complex enhancements.


Next up: adding the Mission Planner Screen's lovely (large) Zoom Slider control to the Flight Data Screen, so the act of zooming is consistent across The Application...


Feedback is welcome!



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  • I hate auto hide, i is anoying and i cannot disable it because if i do, it then hides anyway and wont re appear

  • Moderator

    All these hidden gems! Likewise lamented it's disappearance. Is there a updated list somewhere?

  • Developer

    right click the header. and you shall find it

  • Distributor

    Maybe wrong thread but Michael Obornes excellent "top menu smaller/collapsible fix" seems to be gone from 1.2.32 or do i activate it somewhere?

  • Excellent work - however I cannot seem to find the cloned repo "markevogt-pcl-experimenting". I am completely new to this repository thing and Graham mentions that the changes are there but have could not make out how to find changes for a release.

    It would be extremely helpful if someone could explain in detail  for newbies like me how to find the the details of a specific release - I think there are many facing the same problem as myself.

    Also a Wiki specifically dedicated to the Mission Planner and its functionality would be a great help.

  • Hey michael: thanks for adding the auto hide buttons feature in the latest mission planner version! This is going to be a great help in the field on a laptop/netbook with a small screen.



  • Thanks for those enhancements.

    Might I add a short ‘wishlist’.


    1              A wind direction arrow in the corner of the map display.

    2              Some form of amp/power display in the gauges tab.

    3              Tlog graph- I would like to highlight part of the graph and get min/max/ave for the data in highlight.



    Keep up the good work.




  • @Michael,

    I have directx 11 in my system, needed to downgrade to run it??

  • Developer

    @Marcelo, please install


    Download and Install DirectX9 End User Runtime | Install DirectX, DX9
    The Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX — the core Windows® technology that drives high-spe…
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    HappyKillMore's GCS doesn't work anymore for me, not sure if it's the new mavlink protocol?

This reply was deleted.