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Adding acrobatic scripting to APM


For the next version of APM (the fixed-wing codebase), we're thinking about adding an acrobatic scripting language, so you can program your UAV to do awesome robotic stunts. APM already suppports inverted flight, and adding other maneuvers is technically easy once we decide on how to program them.


As a comparison, the UAVDevBoard uses LOGO as its scripting language and also supports inverted flight and harrier/hovering. APM does its scripting with MAVLink via the Mission Planner or HK-GCS, which is a more visual way to plan a mission.


One option is that we could add MAVLink commands that took the following form:

  • Roll (rotations/distance, rate)
  • Knife-edge (duration/distance) 
  • Loop (radius, degrees)
  • Harrier/hover (duration)
Acrobatic commands would be executed in parallel with waypoint commands, so you could script the position, too.
What do you think? What's the best way to script acrobatics?
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  • Of course that scripting will be a great job...

    The acrobatic features for RC airplane currently like a compulsary to the RC fans...

    But if I still want to use the APM1 Board to assist my 3D airplane to get 'propeller hanging/hover', is it possible through APM1 Board with Stabilize/Auto Mode or any other configurations?

  • Guys,

    Do you know is  python script commands executes parallel with missions planned in mission planner or there is no possibility to do that and missions and scripting are independent?

  • Oh thank you very much, sorry I did not see it. Are there any good documentaion about scripting?

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    Amayer: Yes, Python scripting is now supported by the Mission Planner. It's in the manual here.

  • Hey

    I wanted to know were the devolpement of the impementaion of a Python interpreter running a script that communicates (via the GCSs) with APM in MAVlink is?


    My goal is to have a script for autonomous soaring for gliders...This would be possible if i cun run the script on the GCS...

  • I like this script , if you can do this ,the auto-land strategy wish you add in APM, it will put the system become strong . Best WIshes

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    I already covered that in the post. "Harrier/hover (duration)"
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    What does "A/C" mean?

  • Maybe it is possible to record certain stunts that the masters perform for "canned tricks"

    that can be played back.

    I don't think so. Tricks are very dependent on environment and aircraft parameters.


  • Maybe it is possible to record certain stunts that the masters perform for "canned tricks"

    that can be played back.

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