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IOBoard Let's make it better... We need testers...

Awhile ago we made first translating program for IOBoard and since that people have been using it as it was and/or modifying its open software. Now that we have more and more devices supporting FrSky telemetry, converting becomes more fun.

So let's make it. Current roadmap for IOBoard is:

- Have full support for MAVLink/FrSky conversion

- LED driver with configurable patterns

- OpenTX, er9X support

- TLD-02 display support

- Updated Configurator

Currently tested features on Taranis radio:

Heading, Temperature 1, Temperature 2 (shows satellites/fix type), Armed/Disarmed and Throttle values,

Lat/Lon, Altitude, Voltage, Cell volt (avg), Speed

jD-IOBoard can be found from jDrones store

Latest MAVLink/FrSky software is IOBoard_FrSkyMAVLink.v03a 

software can also be found from arducodes repository at google code

Let us know how it works and if you have ideas, post it on..

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  • Developer

    Magnus I have not looked OpenLRS lately but after whole base software is done for IOBoard adding additional protocol is not too difficult. Can you point to some OpenLRS protocol specs so I can take a look at it.

    Happy to hear that it starts to work for all of you. We still need field testing for speeds and altitudes etc to be sure that they work as expected. 

  • WOW. I just tested this the new .03a hex with my Frsky Taranis and I got altitude, speed and all the other values seemed to work great. I will have to do more testing but it seems like most of the telemetry functions were functional. Thank You for all your dedication.

  • would this work with openlrs for telemetry?
  • Developer

    Ok so how to connect. LTMNO made a great picture on that.


    Connect cable from your telemetry distribution board or directly from APM2.5+ (or other MAVLink capable flight controller) to IOBoards FTDI connector. Connect D5, D6 and GND to your FrSky telemetry receiver. D5 goes to Rx, D6 to Tx and G = GND. 

    IOBoard starts to listen MAVLink packets from it's main serial port and with speed of 57600 and converts most important messages to FrSky protocol and send them out from pins D5/D6 with speed of 9600. 

    I you want to debug your board, v0.3 and other alpha versions will have 38400 debug feed coming out from pins 11,12 (MIS, MOS on board). Connect another FTDI cable on these pins. Don't forget GND. GND, Tx, Rx. 

    If you don't remember FTDI connector pin order, take a look this quick memo from SparkFUN

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