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  • Developer

    @Jerry, That is great :) I am away at the moment. I will get in touch ASAP

  • @marc Yes

  • Jerry, are you saying you will make a batch of boards?
  • Hi, I have just finished my last board production, i will do this one after chinese new year.

  • Just commented on your Ardupilot posting. I will buy a test board if you can get a batch going. Love to be able to us and this with an AT.
  • Developer

    I have made a proposal to the ArduPilot devs to see if they are preopared to fund some boards

  • Developer

    Marc. Thanks.

    Assembling the PCB by hand is excruciating and I wouldn't want to put anyone else through it ! I hope that I will be able to get a batch of these made sometime soon for people to play with

  • Andy - looks great. I am really liking the direction you are going in. A plane-friendly FC/OSD board is something we have been needing for Ardupilot. Will these be commercially available or do we have to order PCBs and do some DIY SMD?

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