Aerial Photography with a Trex 700e


Hi, as my first blog post, I'd like to share with you my vebtures into aerial photography with a Trex 700e. I started out using an Orb 96" pusher plane to carry my camera, but soon realized it was impractical for operating around a highly congested city

I finally went with a Trex 600 ESP, stretched it to a 700e and mounted a canon 50D.



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  • @on location aerial,
    Thanks. I was wondering if it was the 2xpt. Would also love to know the answer to your questions
    as well as how to do the stretch to a 700e.
  • That doesn't sound good... I am looking to start an ap business, how much does a coa cost and do I really need it??
  • Moderator
    Does your business have a COA?

    I ask because the FAA shut down several sites belonging to DIYDrones members who advertised commercial AP services.
  • This is not my setup, but I can say for sure that he is using the Photoship One 2xpt mount.

    To Matt, please share more about your machine. What auto pilot are you using? What are you using to stabilize the mount?
  • I just finished building a Trex 600 ESP and I'm shopping for a camera mount. Is yours a photoshipone mount or something else?
  • Good example of the contrast between the brand name stuff & the individual seller stuff. Thermopile stabilization & flybars are still the state of the art with the brand names. IMU autopilot & electronic flybars are still mainly individual sellers.
  • It would be neat if you could hack the camera to focus at will via laptop ground station. Or maybe there is a way to interface to a digital remote trigger.
  • Developer
    Did you build the camera mount, It looks very sturdy. What motor / ESC and pinion gear?
  • If it isn't a trade secret, I'd like to know how you set up your shots. How do you know what the camera is looking at? Is the focal length fixed or are you using zoom? Would a small video camera attached to the still camera with live downlink be practical for setting up the shots? Or do you just shoot a lot of photos and select the best?

  • Developer
    Nice set up. I am about to stretch my 600 ESP FPV heli, what size blades are you swinging and what is your max flight time without cam? Thanks.
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